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What’s on your mind?

What is on your mind?  Our ‘thought life’ is one of the most important players when it comes to our happiness, peace and optimal health. Yes, our thoughts influence our health! We learn this in science and medicine. Mental outlook is a predictor of disease and recovery. Do negative thoughts attack you as soon as you open your eyes in the morning: worries, stress at work, financial struggles, relationship problems, and the list goes on.

Try this little exercise we teach our patients in biofeedback therapy. As soon as you open your eyes quickly say 10 things you are grateful for. It can be anything, no matter how small. You can repeat this again at lunch time. This simple exercise can set the tone for your day and influence your physiology by creating a parasympathetic response. The parasympathetic system dampens stress, improves digestion and makes you nice to be around.

Stress is one of the Root Causes for chronic disease.  Check out the functional medicine tree for others.


A Women’s Monthly Cycle

Does this look complex? It is a simplified graph of a woman’s monthly cycle. Our uterus is the only organ that builds tissue from scratch and breaks it down every single month if pregnancy did not occur.It is truly miraculous! This process is choreographed under the influence of a complex and delicate hormonal cascade.

If you were offered contraceptives to fix hormonal deregulation, this was a great disservice to you. Hormonal contraceptives cannot fix your hormones because it TURNS THEM OFF completely robbing  you of the benefits they bring along with each monthly cycle.

Learning how to chart our monthly cycle  can give us a very clear understanding of the quality and quantity of our hormones and can effectively detect underlying health problems. And then, supporting our body’s physiological balance naturally we can restore hormonal balance and treat the root cause of your health concerns.

Learn how to how track and chart your cycle by utilizing specific signs or bio-markers. This way you can gain understanding on how your hormones affect your mood, libido and behavior and how to improve this balance naturally. Enlightenment is a powerful tool!

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Stress Pain Headaches, is there a non-pharmacological solution?


Stress Pain Headaches.  Is there a non-pharmacological solution?


Stress  has an enormous impact on our immune system. The way you THINK, FEEL and RESPOND to situations doesn’t only affect your stress level. It affects your immune system in a complex and sometimes paradoxical way by either suppressing it or by make it hyper-reactive.

All stressors including emotional, physical, nutritional and toxic have wide spread effects on our health. Symptoms of improper stress management include tension headaches, muscle and joint pain, allergies, poor digestion, and autoimmune disease among others.

Biofeedback therapy  addresses the stress problem in a unique, empowering and efficient way, by teaching the patient how to modulate their stress RESPONSE. That’s right! You have the ability to do something to dampen the effects of stress on your body.

Biofeedback therapy improves physical and emotional health and promotes optimal health in the following areas/conditions among others:

Tension headaches
Postural imbalances
Raynaud’s Phenomenon
Poor Digestion/IBS
Nocturnal bruxism (teeth grinding)

Progesterone is released as a reward after ovulation

Progesterone.  We ALL need more of this super star hormone! It is released as a reward after ovulation and raises during the luteal phase of our monthly cycle bringing some amazing benefits:

  • reduces inflammation
  • builds muscles
  • protects against heart disease
  • calms the nervous system and makes it easier to cope with stress by converting to a neurosteroid called allopregnanolone (ALLO)

Progesterone is the main player in maintaining a healthy pregnancy.

Hormonal birth control robs you of the calming, mood modulating benefits that progesterone brings along, by arresting ovulation and therefore endogenous production of progesterone. This could be why they are linked with anxiety and depression.

Best time to test is half way through your luteal phase (day 21 of a 28 day cycle).

Our OWN hormones are worth fighting for! They are released throughout our monthly cycle and elegantly choreographed to support optimal health by impacting the health of many other organs including our BRAIN. Period problems are the first sign of an underlying health concern. @NMRNJ we support women holistically with nutrition, supplementation, stress management among other modalities to achieve optimal hormonal health from puberty to beyond menopause.

Living with Stress in Today’s World

Dr. Vince Sferra

Every month, The New Jersey Power Team features a special guest speaker delivering content on a variety of topics of interest. Health and fitness, nutrition, finances, relationships, careers, overall mental well-being – they cover it all. To help people stay on course toward the life they want to lead, they have asked our very own Dr. Vince Sferra & Pat Taylor to be the guest speakers this month!

Please join us on Wednesday June 19, 2019 at 7:15 for an enlightening presentation on stress and its effects on the body.  You’ll learn techniques for tempering its toll and discuss ways for more peaceful living.  The mind-body connection between stress and bodily manifestations will be explored for understanding the motivation to engage in stress tempering techniques so urgently needed by most.

Presentation discusses:         

  • Stress and individual perception
  • Adrenal function and physiology
  • Effects of stress on the body
  • Chemical, Physical, Nutritional & Emotional stressors
  • Action steps to reduce and control various stressors
  • Learn and practice techniques to reduce the physical and emotional effects of stress using deep breathing, meditation, guided imagery, chakra imagery and acupressure.

Learn about the physiological impact of stress and how you can better control it with stress reduction techniques for more peaceful living.

Wednesday June 19, 2019
7:15 pm arrival time, workshop begins at 7:30 pm sharp
Natural Medicine & Rehabilitation
399 Campus Drive in Somerset, NJ
Admission is FREE, but space is limited.
Please email by 6/18 to reserve your seat. 

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