5 Ways to Get Rid of Headache Naturally

Headaches are a common problem for many people. Indeed, this is a condition that can be minor in nature or more complex, depending on the situation. Headaches come with their respective symptoms and take place for a wide range of reasons. At the same time, you must realize that headaches will require specific treatments depending on the underlying condition.

One critical factor to account for here is that there are over 100 types of headaches. A few are more severe than the others. That is why it is essential to be aware of the type of headache you experience, take note of the symptoms, duration, and pain you may feel in other parts of the body, diagnose it, and get back to a better state.

You can then turn to care professionals at places like Natural Medicine and Rehabilitation in Long Branch, New Jersey with detailed notes to get the proper help you need to move past or alleviate your headache issues. The more information you can collect on yourself during times of headaches, the more likely it is that your care team can provide a plan that works best for you.

Here is what you must know about conventional headaches and solutions for your health issue.

The Most Conventional Headaches

The most common types of headaches include tension headaches, migraines, cluster headaches, day-to-day headaches, and even sinus headaches.

Tension Headaches

Tension headaches are present in the youth population and among young adults. These headaches occur now and then and come with a small portion of pain.


No one appreciates a migraine because it arrives and makes its presence known. People experience a pounding sensation that can occur for over three hours. It can last for over two days at times as well. You will also notice that migraines come with other issues such as sensitivity to noise, light, or even distant smells. At the same time, you have an urge to vomit and may not feel like eating. Children, youths, and adults can suffer from this condition.

Cluster Headaches

People experience sharp pain and would describe this type of headache as one of the worst types. For instance, one can experience a burning sensation or shooting pain around the ocular region. It may be a continual pain or one that comes and goes.

One can experience red eyes, smaller pupils, and even a stuffy nose during this time.

These headaches can last for three weeks to several months and can linger for a while. The data shows that men are more likely to experience this than women.

Day-to-Day Headaches

Day-to-day headaches can pose problems as they can disrupt regular workflow, life activities, and general concentration. These headaches come with instances of pain that stay for sometime before subsiding.

Sinus Headaches

These headaches may occur due to allergies or other factors that irritate the sinus region. The pain will reside in the forehead region, the cheekbones, and the nasal area. You may also notice a fever, a runny nose, and other signs that are reminiscent of the flu.

You have quite likely experienced a few of these in your life and may wonder how to treat these issues naturally.

Prevention Is The Best Cure

Many individuals experience headaches because of their sedentary lifestyles. More Americans are seeing muscle tension in the neck region because they fixate on screens, regular periods of sitting, and lack of general movement. The lack of overall activity can create friction and disturbance in the neck, back, and head, bringing about headaches.

Your care team at Natural Medicine and Rehabilitation will ensure to let you know about various exercises, the importance of breaks, and the value of stretching every thirty minutes or so. These simple practices can help you to minimize headaches and help you to practice better lifestyles.

The right type of stretches will enable a full range of movement and provide relaxation to your muscles minimizing the onset of tension headaches.

Your care team at Natural Medicine and Rehabilitation will also talk about the benefits of low-impact exercise routines such as walking or light jogging.

These activities can have a significant impact on your health in more ways than one.

Finally, a simple practice of drinking more water per day can provide various health benefits for your overall body. It can keep you hydrated, provide energy, and help you stay robust throughout the day. Studies find that dehydration can lead to headaches.

Chiropractic Adjustments for Headaches

The fact is that you must take action on your headache and do something about the matter. But what should you do? Move on as if everything is alright? Do you stretch now and then? Or do you take a pill?

You want to look into spinal manipulation, a holistic and alternative form of therapy that can work wonders.

Various studies show the value of spinal manipulation and its efficacy when it comes to tension headaches and other types that stem from the neck region.

Studies show that patients who sought out chiropractic care for the treatment of acute and chronic neck pain could see more effective results in various situations. Similar studies also show that chiropractic intervention can help with migraines as well as Cervicogenic headaches.

Biofeedback Sessions for Headaches

Biofeedback combined with muscle relaxation and abdominal breathing can provide significant value when it comes to headache relief. These aspects, combined with acute therapy, can lead to a higher quality of life.

Biofeedback therapy and muscle relaxation can serve as wonderful non-drug techniques in headache alleviation. It is essential to note that this, not a new concept. Biofeedback therapy has been in existence for over twenty-five years with rigorous study research.

But what is biofeedback therapy?

The concept revolves around the idea of biological feedback. In these sessions, one will use a tool to monitor the response of your body. These responses can be tension or temperature increase or reduction while an individual seeks to regulate these responses.

The tool might provide a noise, a light, or some signal that notifies you as your muscles tighten or if your temperature rises or descends.

This therapy enables you to understand your body, understand the internal stress and strain and work to regulate these involuntary and automatic processes in your system. As you understand and modify the responses, you can begin to see improvement in your headaches or other issues.

These biofeedback sessions take place in hourly sessions that can last for several months. It does take time, commitment, and dedication but can yield significant results.

Functional Medicine for Headaches

Functional medicine is the idea of understanding the overall condition of the headache. Your care provider will look at your lifestyle and understand various factors that are causing these headaches. The key point here is that your care team will not merely seek to address the headache but will aim to tackle it at its roots.

Recall that functional medicine will consist of an entire system that includes a timeline, a matrix, lifestyle situations, environments, and other components that contribute to your quality of life.

Acupuncture for Headaches

Acupuncture is a part of the Eastern therapeutic process. It is a practice that stems from ancient Chinese healing traditions. The care provider would insert needles into specific points on a body.

This practice focuses on restoring positive energy flows within your system. But if one were to look at it from a modern standpoint, one can see that it can stimulate various parts of your internal system. The stimulation can bring about healing reactions.

Your care provider would target a series of zones and insert needles based on your symptoms. It should release hormones that create further reactions, which may relieve headaches.

Headache Remedy

A simple headache remedy may be essential oils such as lavender or other essential oils that help to relax and soothe your mind and body.

Find out how the care team at Natural Medicine and Rehabilitation can help you alleviate headaches with a wide variety of options. Reach out to us today in Long Branch, New Jersey, at 732.222.7799 to find out how we can use alternative methods to alleviate your headaches.

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