Muscle up your Immune System this flu season

Muscle up your immune system this flu season!

Our immune system is a complex and dynamic defense system that comes to our rescue at the first sign of exposure to an outside invader. The immune system is very sensitive to nutrient deficiencies. Consuming immune enhancing nutrients and botanicals supports and strengthens the immune response.

 Make it a family affair to improve your health this winter by strengthening your immunity. Some ways to do this include:

  • Decreasing your sugar and processed foods intake
  • Increasing your fruit and vegetable intake
  • Exercising regularly
  • Practicing stress tempering techniques (learn this in biofeedback with PAT!)
  • Utilizing effective high-quality supplementation!

Viracid contains a powerful combination of key nutrients and botanical extracts that provide support for immune challenges. Viracid boosts the immune defenses by providing nutrients such as L-lysine, vitamins A and C, pantothenic acid, B12 and Zinc.

Viracid includes the synergistic blend of botanical extracts black elderberry, estralagus, echinacea and Andrographis, all of which have been used traditionally for their clinically effective immune modulating properties.

Viracid formula boosts immune cells function such as antibody response, natural killer cell activity, thymus hormone secretion and T-cell activation.

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Collagen for beautiful hair, nails and skin!

The BUZZ on Collagen:  This element is crucial for musculoskeletal  healing and recovery as well as beautiful hair, nails and skin!

Collagen is the primary protein found in our ligaments, tendons, fascia, cartilage, bone and skin creating a MATRIX of STRUCTURAL STABILITY in our body!

Most collagen you will find on the market has low bio-availability which means that it does not get absorbed in the body therefore most people will not see any benefits.

Here at NMR our doctors did the work for you in finding the most bio-available combination of nutrients to support natural collagen production in your body. OUR collagen comes from Orthomolecular labs and it did well in several studies that showed improved connective tissue structure and resilience.

Beautiful, healthy hair and nails and radiant skin


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