Day #15 The first 100 days: A journey to health & wellness. – Progress Update with Pictures

Day #15

Topics: Progress update (with pictures), weekly goals and plans and “Free day” recap

Progress update

*In a previous post, the chest measurement was incorrect. The actual starting measurement is 39” not 29”

 Weekly plans and goals:


Now that I have a routine, this weight management is a breeze. Preparing meals ahead of time and having healthy snacks nearby makes sticking to the plan easy.

Review of last week’s goals:

  • Lose 3 lbs. = Goal achieved.  I lost 4 lbs.
  • Go to the gym 5 days = Goal achieved (kind-of) I worked out 5 days. I went to the gym 3 days, exercised for 20 min at home one day and ran 5 miles one day.

Goals for the week (Feb 3rd – 10th):

  • Lose 3 lbs.
  • Run a total of 15 miles, over the course of the week.( I am a runner but I am out of running shape, it has been months since I have run more than 2 times in one week.)
  • Exercise at least 5 days.

Plan to achieve goals:

I will continue to follow the nutrition plan for the week. The nutrition plan coupled with exercise should help me achieve my 3 lb. weight loss goal.  

— 3 meals and 2 snacks per day, one snack of those snacks will be a protein shake. No sugar, no bread (except Ezekiel bread), no dairy and limit coffee. On Sunday we will have a cheat meal, probably for dinner.

Continue to drink one 20oz water per meal.

Go to the gym – Monday AM, Wednesday PM, Thursday AM, Saturday AM and Sunday AM


Review of last week’s goals:

  • Go to the gym more frequently = Goal achieved. I did not go to the gym 5 times. I went to the gym 3 times and ran 5 miles one day. I did try new weight machines and boy, can I feel it!

Goals for the week (Feb 3rd – 10th):

  • Continue my gym routine I started to establish last week, hit the gym 4-5 times this week.
  • Try new healthy recipes from our new cookbooks.

Plan to achieve goals:

I plan on going to the gym Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. 

I have earmarked a few recipes from our cookbooks to try this week. I’d also like to use our dehydrator and make sweet potato chips and possibly a few other snacks. 

First ” Free day” re-cap:

Our “free day” yesterday was more like a free meal. We were busy most of the day, we didn’t have time to venture out of the house and indulge until the evening. We went to a friend’s Super Bowl party, where there was a great spread: chicken wings, baked foods, fried foods, veggie platters, 6 different kinds of dip, chips, cookies, etc. We had a little of each and after the half time show we went to one of our favorite frozen yogurt places. (We were rooting for the Broncos, there was no need to watch the remainder of the game.)

All of the food we ate was good, but we both agree that it wasn’t as good as we remembered. We wondered why that was and in our search we came across this article explaining the science behind why we didn’t have the same feelings toward the food, as we had a few weeks ago. “Gene reprogramming” It’s a good read. If you don’t have the time to read it now, Bookmark it and read it later.

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Dr. Vincent Sferra

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