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Day #82. Beyond diet and exercise. The first 100 days: A journey to health and wellness.

Day #82. Beyond diet and exercise. The first 100 days: A journey to health and wellness.






Day #82

Beyond diet and exercise.

We have and continue to learn about nutrition, exercise and ourselves. We are often asked questions about nutrition and exercise. But in reality, the key to being successful is not merely eating healthy food and exercising frequently. If you want to lose weight and develop a healthy lifestyle you must take responsibility for your actions, habits, excuses, routines, and lifestyle choices.

Many people have a defeatist attitude about achieving their weight loss goals and developing a healthy lifestyle. There is a lot of contradictory weight loss information and it seems everybody is an expert, we hear “facts” from our friends, family and coworkers every day. Many of these “experts” want to lose weight and improve their health themselves.

Like Susan Powter says “Stop the madness”. If you would like to begin your journey to health and wellness, start by allowing yourself to begin. If you have a list of reasons why you can’t lose weight, then you have given up before you have even started.

Make a commitment to yourself. The joy of living is a much better motivator than the fear of dying. Losing weight and improving holistic wellness improves quality of life, imagine your life with less pain, less fatigue, less stress related illness.

Accept responsibility. “To be responsible is not to blame ourselves, it’s to empower us. If we’re just victims of our bad genes, bad karma, bad fate, or bad luck, then there’s not much we can do about it other than to suffer our destiny. But to the degree that we realize that we can do something about it, then we’re free to change our fortunes. How much you want to change your diet and lifestyle – if at all – is a very personal decision.” Dean Ornish, MD. (2008) The Spectrum. New York: Ballantine Books. (p.87)

Take a personal inventory. Make a 7 day diet and exercise diary and include ALL of the foods, drinks and exercise that you do each day. Once you gain some awareness, you may begin to understand why you are not losing weight or why you are gaining weight. The 7 day diary will help you identify areas that need improvement.

Quality over quantity. What you include in your diet is as important as what you exclude. Nutrients, nutrients, nutrients. You don’t need food, you need the nutrients in your food. Time is precious, don’t waste your time eating food that does not feed your body.

We love sharing our story and feel fortunate to have this opportunity. We hope that this blog and the conversations that we have with others will encourage people to start their own journey to health and wellness.

Dr. Sferra’s weight management plan is based on the non-disputable principles of fundamental healthy macro-nutrition, dietary glycemic control and metabolic repair. This plan is based on the science of nutrition and exercise, the exact formula to what we should and should not eat, and the type and duration of exercise change with our progress and our goals.

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