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Tennis Elbow Rehabilitation Program at NMR

How do you get Tennis Elbow (Lateral Epicondylitis)?

Tennis Elbow is a form of tendinitis and painful symptoms from this develop over time. Causes that contribute to Tennis Elbow are repetitive motions in the wrist and arm and from gripping activities involving the thumb, pointer, and middle fingers.  These repetitive motions can strain the muscles and put additional stress on the tendons, and if untreated, it can eventually lead to microscopic tears in the tissue.

How do you know if you have Tennis Elbow?

People experiencing pain on the outside of the elbow, in the forearm and wrist may have Tennis Elbow.  Lateral Epicondylitis or “Tennis Elbow” is one of the most common arm injuries affecting people ages 30-60 years old. Decreasing pain in the elbow, improving elbow range of motion, and improving strength are the goals of a rehabilitation program at Natural Medicine & Rehabilitation.

How do you treat Tennis Elbow?

People suffering from Tennis Elbow will benefit from rest and physical therapy. Physical Therapy is a natural way to help your body recover from pain and plays a critical part for a patient to not only feel better, but to actually be better and stronger. Individualized therapeutic reconditioning exercises will develop and improve muscle strength while improving flexibility, range of motion and mobility.

We also provide EPAT treatment for our patients to help them achieve their rehabilitation goals much faster.  EPAT or Shockwave therapy is based on generating intense energy waves into an inflamed tissue in a very short period of time. The mechanical pressure waves hit the affected tissue which leads to increased micro circulation of blood and healing cells as well as increased cell metabolism which means faster and better healing!

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