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Happy Cinco de Mayo Guacamole

Happy Cinco de Mayo Guacamole

Happy Cinco de Mayo Guacamole
 2 ripe avocados, diced                Juice from 1 Lime
 1 tomato, diced                            Dash of Red Pepper
1 Tbs. fresh Cilantro, minced       Salt to taste
 Combine all ingredients and serve with tortilla chips.
When you eat certain foods together, such as in guacamole, they help the body absorb even more of their nutrients!

Tomatoes have many health benefits!  They contain the anti-oxidant, Lycopene, which gives it its bright red color.  Lycopene can help the body fight cancerous cells from forming.  Since your body does not naturally produce Lycopene, add food sources such as the tomato, watermelon and pink grapefruit to your diet.  In order for your body to absorb this, it needs healthy fat.

Eat tomatoes with the heart healthy fat found in avocados or olive oil and you will increase your body’s absorption of Lycopene.

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