Biofeedback Screening

We may not be able to control stress but we can control our response to stress.  Biofeedback therapy brings awareness to unhealthy habits and patterns and teaches patients to regain a level of relaxed awareness amidst chronic or acute stress.  With the use of the MyoTrac device, which measures muscle activity, the therapist will identify muscle imbalances.

The participant will gain awareness of how his/her actions may cause or exacerbate pain.  With this awareness, the conscious mind can learn to ‘talk’ to the body and gain the ability to control, or ‘self-regulate’, many things that the body is doing.  This is true even of the many body processes that were once thought to be completely automatic and impossible to regulate through conscious control.  Thus, biofeedback can be used for greater body (and self) awareness, for more optimal health and functioning, and, in many cases, healing!


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