Take Aim at Chronic Pain – Low Level Laser Therapy

Using light as a form of therapy and healing has been around for centuries. Low-level laser therapy is a rapidly growing new field of therapy with which a large volume of research has been gathered to support its validity. You may have heard it under another name such as: cold laser, soft laser, biostimulation or […]

Running Injury Prevention

Running, as part of your exercise routine, can provide many health benefits!  It decreases the risk of cardiovascular disease/death by 65% at any age, improves joint health, improves body composition and has positive effects on stress management and anxiety. Running is an easy exercise as it does not require specific equipment or being in a […]

Seated Butterfly Stretch

Seated butterfly stretch is a terrific way to mobilize and strengthen your hips and lower back. This exercise gently strengthens your abdominal and hip flexors and stretches your hip adductors (inner thighs), gluteal muscles and lower back. Begin sitting tall with a straight spine, placing the bottoms of your feet together in front of you. […]

Back Stretch

  Thoracic Spine Stretch Try this stretching exercise to help relieve pain in the upper and mid-back How to properly perform this exercise: Sitting on bench/chair with arms crossed, hands on shoulders, ball between knees. Back is upright, head/neck in neutral. Breathe in and with exhale, rotate trunk to the left as far as able […]

Knee, hip & back pain caused by your FEET?

Knee, hip & back pain caused by your feet? Feet – the foundation to a pain-free body.  Surprisingly, your feet may be the cause of your knee, hip and back pain.  Many pain syndromes and problems of the musculoskeletal system, including the spine, have their origin at the feet.  Although your feet may cause the […]

Thoracic Spine Yoga Stretch

Thoracic Spine Yoga Stretch The Thoracic Spine Yoga Stretch is used to stretch and help relieve pain in the upper – mid back.  How to properly perform this exercise:  Begin on the floor on your hands and knees.  Bring feet together and separate knees. Breathe in and with exhale, right arm reaches under the left […]

Dr. John Lipani providing surgical consultation for back pain patients at NMR

Natural Medicine & Rehabilitation is excited to introduce our affiliation with Dr. John Lipani who will be providing surgical consultation for back pain patients. Dealing with back pain can be very stressful and cause a great deal of worry.  Seeking medical advice to act upon your pain correctly is critical.  For over 15 years NMR has […]

Pain Awareness~Your Body’s Self Defense Mechanism

Pain!  No one likes to be in pain, or see someone suffering from pain, but pain is your body’s way of letting you know that something is wrong. Pain = your body’s self defense mechanism to protect itself from harm. Just think what would happen if you didn’t feel pain! You might see a beautiful […]


Acupuncture has been a component of Traditional Chinese Medicine that originated over 5000 years ago and is now being offered as a holistic approach to pain management at Natural Medicine & Rehabilitation!  Acupuncture can provide drug free pain relief for people with chronic pain and suffering by encouraging the body to promote natural healing.  The […]