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Listen Up! Dr. Sferra will be interviewed on the radio 4/23/2020 4:30pm

Listen up! Thursday 4/23/20 at 4:30pm

Dr. Vince Sferra will be interviewed on the most listened to South Asian radio station in the USA since 1999.

While we are currently in the midst of the COVID19 health crisis, we are more self-aware of how precious our health is and how many have taken it for granted. This is a wake-up call for us to take responsibility to ensure our health and quality of life for years to come.

Listen to what Dr. Sferra has to say by listening to the radio on the EBC Radio app, on or on the regular radio at 1170AM.




Immune boosting strategies

The following immune boosting strategies are lifestyle based steps to get and keep your immune system strong. Please understand that this doesn’t happen overnight, and that acquiring and maintaining these lifestyle-based habits all year long is what prepares an immune system for battle.

  • Step 1 – Reduce the effects of stress on your body and mind with daily action steps that effectively temper the negative effects of stress. Be aware of the worry, anger and catastrophizing that we are guilty of all too much. These things have absolutely been shown to weaken immune function.
  • Step 2 – Sleep 7-9 hours. Possibly the most critical of the lifestyle habits to improve on for the sake of our immune health. And preferably having our sleep schedule at optimal times in synchronization with night/day rhythms.
  • Step 3 – Workout every day. Super immune booster. Just don’t overdo it as that will weaken your immune system over time.
  • Step 4 – Spinal Manipulations: By optimizing movement of the spine, research has shown for it to enhance overall immune function.
  • Step 5 – Keep all toxins out of your life as best possible. This includes all junk that we eat and drink. Know that ‘junk food’ is a misnomer. There is food and there is junk. Feed your body food! Careful of cosmetics, cleaning products, etc. In an attempt to look good and be clean we may be toxifying our bodies and brains. Know the effects of what you put into AND onto your body.
  • Step 6 – Healthy real food diet. A lot and diverse amounts of fibrous vegetables and fruit. These foods are critical for a healthy microbiome (good gut bacteria). And a healthy strong microbiome is critical to a strong immune system. Limit high sugar fruits like bananas, mango, grapes and pineapple.
    • Good quality protein at each main meal.
    • Snack on wholesome unprocessed nuts, seeds and berries.
    • Limit grains and dairy.
    • Do not skip meals. Throwing off your blood sugar is bad for the immune system.
    • Drink plenty of pure clean water. Hydrate and detoxify every day
  • Step 7 – Vitamins: Supplementation is a healthy option, but only to compliment a healthy and immune boosting lifestyle. Here are some key supplements for immune function:
    • High quality multi-vitamin and multi-mineral supplement
    • Vitamin C 2000 mg/day
    • Vitamin A 10,000 iu/day
    • Vitamin D 2000-4000 iu/day
    • NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine) 2000 mg/day
    • There are some herbs that are great too.

It is certainly suggested to schedule an appointment to learn more about immune function and the steps you can take to fully strengthen yours.  Complimentary new patient consultations are available virtually or in-person.

Protect yourself from the CORONAVIRUS by restoring your immune system and optimizing your body’s natural defenses

At Natural Medicine & Rehabilitation we are constantly educating our patients on how to ensure their health and quality of life for years to come. The best way to heighten your defenses against the CORONAVIRUS is by building a healthier immune system.

Here are a few suggestions to build a healthier immune system to fight the CORONAVIRUS, along with all chronic diseases, to ensure better health for years to come:

  • Get plenty of rest – to rejuvenate and strengthen the immune system.  A lack of sleep or poor quality of sleep increases the risk of illness.
  • Eliminate sugar – which weakens the immune system making you more susceptible to illness.
  • Eat healthy – avoid fried foods, sugar, soda, processed foods and break your habit of eating foods that are not helping to promote good health.  Learn how to replenish your body with quality low fat proteins, healthy carbohydrates and fats, as well as supplements when needed.
  • Reduce stress – stress can be toxic to your body.  Your body produces stress hormones to protect itself.  Your body needs that stress hormone (cortisol/adrenaline) when under attack, but if you are always under stress and your body is continually releasing large amounts of these stress hormones, your liver needs to work overtime for them to be detoxified.  Learning stress reduction techniques such as deep breathing can be very helpful.
  • Get moving – Exercise has shown physiologically to be one of the greatest therapies to temper stress hormone output.

Schedule your 90 minute consultation with Dr. Claudia to learn how to detox your body and home to help restore your Immune System and optimize your body’s natural defenses.

Consultation includes learning how to:

  • Detox & heighten your defenses against viruses, illness and chronic disease.
  • Identify lifestyle choices that weaken the immune system and interfere with the body’s natural tendency to heal & repair.
  • Learn how to detoxify your body with foods and juicing
    • Juicing guidelines and juicing protocols
    • Take home recipes and meal plans to support your detoxification
    • Practical steps to shop and prepare your foods
  • Learn how to filter your water
  • Fight weight gain, inflammation and bloating
  • Identify and eliminate sources of toxic exposure in your home
  • Learn how to heighten your defenses naturally with therapeutic lifestyle changes involving sleep, nutrition, exercise and stress tempering activities.

Call us at 908-252-0242 to schedule your consultation.

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