Prevent Chronic Health Conditions and maintain your best Quality of Life

Unhealthy lifestyle choices such as a lack of exercise, poor diet, and inadequate stress tempering techniques to relieve chronic stress can all lead to the development of chronic disease or increase the progression of it. Yes it is true that the chronic diseases that truly plague our society are in fact mostly ‘man-made’. But there […]

Chronic Health Conditions Workshop

CHRONIC HEALTH CONDITIONS Prevent, Manage and Gain Control with lifestyle based strategies Presented by Dr. Vince Sferra Chronic health conditions such as Pain, Arthritis, Obesity, Heart Disease, Cancer, Diabetes, Osteoporosis and Auto-Immune conditions, just to name a few, are discussed to  gain insights on how to be an active participant of your health and wellness. […]

Diabetes Awareness Month

As part of our Community Relation efforts to help educate our community on the different aspects of preventative healthcare, we are highlighting the following corporate wellness programs this November in support of Diabetes Awareness Month. Here are a few statistics from the American Diabetes Association: Nearly 30 million children & adults in the US have […]