Back Stretch

  Thoracic Spine Stretch Try this stretching exercise to help relieve pain in the upper and mid-back How to properly perform this exercise: Sitting on bench/chair with arms crossed, hands on shoulders, ball between knees. Back is upright, head/neck in neutral. Breathe in and with exhale, rotate trunk to the left as far as able […]

Pain, Flexibility, Mobility and Your Health

Being flexible and mobile is necessary for all your daily activities-from getting out of bed in the morning to intensive sports training-and is a key component to long term health and wellness. Regularly stretching and moving your joints and muscles through a full range of motion along with maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle will help you perform your daily activities, reduce your risk of injury, decrease your chances of developing chronic aches and pains, help reduce physical and emotional stress and keep you active for years to come.