Do you have Post-Birth Control Syndrome?

You decided to ditch the pill in order to improve your health or perhaps are planning to conceive. Several months later you are finding yourself struggling with acne, heavy periods or no periods at all, weight gain or digestive symptoms to only name a few. You are not alone. 40% of women experience Post Birth […]

Women’s Holistic Health Workshop 10/24/2019

In a world that communicates behind screens we believe that sharing physical space, and face to face communication are among the highest quality, most therapeutic interactions we can have as humans. We want to share space with you at this event that will be opening conversations and offering answers to a wide variety of women’s […]

Women’s Holistic Health Workshop


Women’s Holistic Health Workshop

WOMEN’S Holistic HEALTH WORKSHOP Presented by Dr. Claudia Tamas  Holistically approaching health issues that may arise during any stage of a women’s life by integrating proper nutrition, emotional health and physical wellness ensures your vitality, health and wellness for years to come. Our bodies are wonderfully and innately designed to heal, repair and thrive.  Learn […]

Depression. It’s not all in our head!

IT ‘S NOT IN YOUR HEAD! Approximately 12 million women are diagnosed with depression in the USA. This devastating condition could be rooted in physical dysfunction including nutrient deficiencies,  thyroid disease, sleep disorders, hormonal imbalances among others. Thyroid imbalances are the most common cause for post-partum depression. Your doctor wants to help you by prescribing […]

What’s on your mind?

What is on your mind?  Our ‘thought life’ is one of the most important players when it comes to our happiness, peace and optimal health. Yes, our thoughts influence our health! We learn this in science and medicine. Mental outlook is a predictor of disease and recovery. Do negative thoughts attack you as soon as […]

Progesterone is released as a reward after ovulation

Progesterone.  We ALL need more of this super star hormone! It is released as a reward after ovulation and raises during the luteal phase of our monthly cycle bringing some amazing benefits: reduces inflammation builds muscles protects against heart disease calms the nervous system and makes it easier to cope with stress by converting to […]