Yes! We are OPEN and here to help during the COVID-19 health crisis

“NMR has been such a savior for me throughout the Coronavirus pandemic. Like everyone, I was initially fearful to leave the house and do many of the activities I love but when my pain became more severe, I had to get help. The office was incredibly clean and well maintained and I instantly felt comfortable […]

Yes! We are OPEN and here to help during the COVID-19 health crisis

Yes!  As an Essential Business during the COVID-19 crisis, we are here to help  you with drug-free therapies to help you avoid surgery and keep you out of emergency rooms. If you are experiencing musculoskeletal pain, before you self-medicate to manage pain and risk side effects from pills, and possible addiction; please request a complimentary […]

Improvements in Posture

Big Improvements in posture, core stability motor control, and overall health! This patient had severe low back pain for several years that we were able to abolish in a complete and structured rehab program at NMR. The program was based on our patients specific needs and centered on improving her overall health (which includes forging […]

Heel Walking helps prevent Shin Splints

Heel Walking helps prevent  Shin Splints and is a total body exercise.    Take shortened steps on your heels with toes continuously raised. Keep you back upright, and your chest and head lifted. Core abdominal muscles should be engaged while walking.  Heel Walking will strengthen shin muscles, calf muscles, low back, glutes and your core. Proper body mechanics is […]

Thoracic Spine Yoga Stretch

Thoracic Spine Yoga Stretch The Thoracic Spine Yoga Stretch is used to stretch and help relieve pain in the upper – mid back.  How to properly perform this exercise:  Begin on the floor on your hands and knees.  Bring feet together and separate knees. Breathe in and with exhale, right arm reaches under the left […]