Day #14 (First “Free Day”) The first 100 days: A journey to health and wellness. Day #14

 Day #14

SUPER BOWL SUNDAY and our first “Free day”!!!

(Free day AKA Cheat day = Freedom to eat and drink whatever we want.)

We are writing an early blog today because we will be attending super bowl festivities in the evening.

Today we weighed in, recorded our measurements and re-took pictures to show you tomorrow, on day #15. (Reminder every 15 days we will update our weights, measurements and pictures.) We are both excited to share our changes!


This morning, I started my new morning routine: Make 2 protein and fruit smoothies for Kristen and myself (pre-workout meal or an afternoon snack) and make breakfast for both of us.  As I began to pull out the ingredients I remembered that today was our “free day”. I slammed the fridge door and looked around, what I should eat?! (I should mention that Kristen and our dog Kodey was sound asleep at the time and I had NO witnesses). Pancakes? Muffins? Cookies? I looked in the cabinets, but was quickly reminded that we got rid of all of the goodies that might tempt us. We had one or two ingredients, but not enough to make a good cheat meal. The only thing I could find was a box of Chocolate Chex gluten free and almond milk. I had 2 bowls, it was delicious. J

–This week for breakfast we have been eating egg white omelets with veggies and ½ chicken apple sausage. The veggies vary, usually a combination of sautéed portabella mushrooms and peppers and onions, or avocados. I did not think I would like avocados in my omelet, but Kristen tricked me into eating it this week and I loved it.

Today I am looking forward to running out side (we are taking advantage of the mild weather), watching football, eating pizza and enjoying an adult beverage.


This week was full of temptations at work! Between birthdays and my co-workers mothers baking sweet treats, our break room was full of delicious food all week. However, I found myself not craving or having any desire to eat them! I guess there is some truth to losing cravings over time. I also knew they would do nothing to fuel my body and for me it wasn’t worth it.

Today I had my first cup of coffee in OVER a month!!! Eh…I was disappointed, it is not as good as I remembered. I didn’t use coffee creamer like I normally would have, I used almond milk and agave nectar.  This may be the reason it didn’t taste as good, but now I know that it’s not worth the extra calories.

I tried a few new recipes this week –

Cauliflower “alfredo” sauce: the short of the long-it was cauliflower cooked in vegetable broth, then blended in the Vitamix with a little almond milk, seasonings, and garlic.  End result-delicious!! We used it a few different times on quinoa with chicken and over chicken on zoodles (zucchini noodles).

We bought food dehydrator this week and I thought there was no better way to break it in than my making a healthy dessert. I made a brownie recipe from the book Rawvolution-all of the ingredients were clean with no flour, no baking soda and no added white sugar!! It was made of nuts, agave nectar, water, and cocoa powder-verdict is still out (they dehydrate for over 12 hours!). But they do smell delicious.

We learned this week that we need to experiment more with seasonings. Making quinoa is great but it is very bland on its own.  Making it in a broth or adding extra seasonings to it will most likely spice it up a bit and make it more enjoyable to eat.

Check back tomorrow!

Be safe tonight.

–Sean and Kristen


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Dr. Vincent Sferra

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