Our Services

Physical and Occupational Therapy Rehabilitation

Physical and Occupational Therapy is a natural way to help your body recover from their condition and plays a critical part for a patient to not only feel better but to actually be better and stronger.

Chiropractic Care Services

Chiropractic care relieves nerve tension and improves spinal joint mobility and musculoskeletal health. It is performed to correct alignment, motion and function of a vertebral joint as well as relieve neural pressure, relieve muscle spasm, reduce pain and increase range of motion.


Did you know that rigorous clinical trials have concluded that acupuncture is more effective in treating sciatica, and other pain-related conditions, than NSAIDs, opioids, and surgical procedures?

Nutrition and Weight Management Counseling

Nutrition counselling at NMR will focus on nutritional therapies shown to have strong clinical efficacy. Common problems that, at least in part, are managed nutritionally by our physicians include: blood sugar control problems, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, gastrointestinal dysfunction and disease.

Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine is a dynamic approach to assessing, preventing, and treating complex chronic disease. Functional medicine is utilized by our doctors at NMR, to identify and ameliorate dysfunctions in the physiology and biochemistry of the human body as a primary method of improving patient health.

Brain Health

Brain health is critical as it is the most important and complex organ in the body. A healthy brain is needed to remember, learn, plan, concentrate, make decisions, and maintain and regulate all autonomic bodily functions such as digestion, detoxification, blood pressure, heart rate, and breathing.