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Recently there have been changes to the cost & coverage of health insurance. Many people are concerned about how recent changes will affect them today and in the future.

Don’t let your insurance coverage determine the quality of healthcare you receive.

At NMR we do not know the future of health insurance, but we do know that we provide exceptional care to our patients regardless of insurance coverage. Most insurance companies will reimburse for many of the services provided by NMR. If you do not have health insurance or your coverage has limitations, we will design an affordable payment plan that will allow you to receive exceptional care without excessive cost. Though we may not be in your network of provided coverage, you may still have excellent coverage for many of our services.  It is important to us at NMR that the services we provide for you match well with your needs. NMR offers a complimentary consultation for new patients to ensure our services match your healthcare needs.

After attending your free consultation, if it is recommended and you desire, an appointment will be made for a comprehensive examination. Insurance information will be attained from you by our insurance department, and as a complimentary service to you, we will verify coverage of our services with your carrier. This process eliminates any unnecessary cost up front, leaving you in control right from the very start as to how, when and by whom payment for treatment will be made.

If your provider does not cover services at NMR you will be notified by telephone prior to your scheduled follow up examination so there will be no surprises.

The free complimentary consultation is our failsafe approach in initiating care. It allows you to experience our facility, meet our practitioners, and verify your insurance coverage before making a commitment to start your treatment with us.

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