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Reclaim Your Life After Cancer

If you have ever been told ‘you have cancer’, you know how quickly those 3 little words can change your life.  One moment you are fine and the next you are in survival mode. We are here to help you Reclaim Your Life after Cancer. Whether you have recently been diagnosed or have been a survivor for several years, our holistic wellness programs can help you succeed with your long-term health and wellness.

Cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation have side effects that can be debilitating in most patients. Many patients may feel frail and weak, and are afraid to exercise after these treatments. They are right in thinking so! Cancer survivors should start exercising under the expert supervision of physicians who understand their specific limitations related to their cancer treatment and who can safely progress them. Physical Therapy will help improve muscle strength, breathing and scar mobility to help you return to activities that you enjoy safely. Exercise will not only help regain your strength and endurance, it is also helpful in tempering stress.

Whether you are currently fighting cancer or fighting to stay in remission, there will likely be times where you may feel stressed and overwhelmed. Learning stress reduction techniques can be helpful in getting you through a difficult procedure or to help you de-stress and relax at the end of the day for a more peaceful sleep. Biofeedback therapy not only helps with stress management by teaching ways to change your body’s response to stress, it is also an effective and drug-free way to help manage pain.  Our holistic approach and drug-free services such as acupuncture and chiropractic care are provided to help you experience fewer headaches, less pain, better mobility and more energy.

Nutrition plays a huge role in healing, recovery and regaining strength.  Unfortunately many times it is met with much confusion and uncertainty by the patient. Learning better eating habits will be beneficial to improving your recovery and provides lifelong benefits.

Some secondary side effects include significant fatigue, muscle weakness, muscle tightness, joint stiffness, and pain.  Muscle tightness, joint stiffness and scar tissue after surgery can impact your ability to breathe correctly which in turn decreases the oxygen going into your tissues including your brain. This alone can be one cause of fatigue. At times there is scar tissue that forms at sites where radiation was performed. This can cause inability to move your limbs and perform your daily activities. With pelvic and abdominal surgery as well as chemotherapy and radiation, the abdominal and pelvic floor can become dysfunctional creating disabling incontinence, urgency and pain.

Natural Medicine & Rehabilitation is uniquely equipped to address all aspects of reclaiming your health after cancer. Our functional medicine and holistic approach provided by our teams of highly trained clinicians work seamlessly together for the benefit of the patient’s long-term wellness.

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