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Patient Testimonials

“When I first arrived at Natural Medicine & Rehabilitation, I was feeling very discouraged and hopeless. I went from running my first marathon and Krav maga amateur to spending so much money on doctors, scans, tests, and medicine that left me with more questions than answers. For a full year, I was placed on large doses of painkillers and anti-convulsants that did not have favorable side effects including gaining 40-50 pounds. I was referred to Dr. Sferra and scheduled an appointment. In that first appointment, he said something that really validated how this process was making me feel. He mentioned there being a bulge that was not severe enough for other doctors to do something, but that it was still there causing issues. I was then introduced to Dr. Cohen and his team for physical therapy. They are miracle workers and are so positive! Dr. Cohen takes the time to find an individual plan that works for you and is extremely knowledgeable. Dr. Cohen makes it a judgement free zone and you feel comfortable to ask questions. They got me from feeling frustrated and down in the dumps to being motivated and excited again! I went from low self-esteem to increased confidence in my body’s abilities! Also, I have been off my pain medications for over a month now, and I am overjoyed with not being dependent on over prescribed drugs.

If you are looking for a place that cares about your health and long-term outcomes, this is the place for you. The people here from the first moment you step in, to the moment you leave are encouraging, supportive and uplifting! I wish I knew about them sooner!”

-Kara R., Somerset, NJ

“I have been very pleased with Acupuncture results at NMR.  Ellen has a gentle nature and  really listens to what’s going on with my health issues.  I have had acupuncture before and really appreciate her expertise.  I am really happy that she is back at NMR and that they have added this Great Natural Therapy that works wonders along with all their other great therapies!”
-C. J., Whitehouse, NJ

“Thursday was my last day of PT and I was a bit sad as I was walking to my car.  I will miss the happy, healthy, upbeat atmosphere of the office.

Each day, as I walked through the door, I was greeted by the entire team and made to feel like part of a caring family.  After my greeting, they asked how I was feeling, listened and responded by modifying my treatment accordingly.  Upon returning to my next visit, they picked up where we left off, remembering where I needed the most help.  I felt the entire team was looking out for me, gently coaching and watching to ensure I got the most out of my exercises.

I have attended several excellent presentations and will continue to do so as the opportunity arises.  NMR’s wholistic approach to wellness has prompted me to juice and make much better food choices, which has resulted in taking way less over-the-counter medication.

Voices I hear daily:  ‘pay now or pay later’; headache medication can actually cause more headaches; don’t feed your children things you would not eat yourself; sugar and flour cause inflammation, diabetes and high cholesterol; don’t be overwhelmed, you don’t need to make all the changes at once, just keep going in the right direction, I’m not going to lie to you – this hurts – LOL.  I love you all and rave about you every chance I get.” ~Kristie Axt

“The relaxing, friendly, and supportive staff made sessions enjoyable. It also kept me coming back!  Thanks for all you’ve done!” – Caroline F.

“When I first walked into Natural Medicine & Rehabilitation I was in a great deal of pain due to a herniated disc, the pain would spike and literally drop me to my knees; quality of life at this point was nonexistent.  I met with Dr. Vince Sferra, Clinic Director.  After a review of my MRI and through exam, he suggested a program of physical therapy; that was 3 months ago.   Today, the pain, is about 95% gone…it’s a lot like someone allowing you to rewind the clock, you feel human again.  There are 2 components that contribute to success:  commitment and dedication, both of which are exemplified by the staff at Natural Medicine & Rehabilitation.  Regardless of how I felt when I walked through the door, I was made to feel welcomed, starting with reception through the conclusion of my workout.  The staff is professional, extremely knowledgeable courteous and attentive, giving you the feeling that they’re only there for you.  Every exercise down to the simplest stretch is explained and demonstrated with your wellbeing in mind.  The entire staff of Natural Medicine & Rehabilitation truly exemplifies their motto, Better Health, Better Life.”
-Steve Bokey Englishtown, NJ

I was referred to Natural Medicine and Rehabilitation (NMR) for an issue I was having with joint flexibility and pain. The professional and knowledgeable staff are a pleasure to work with. The treatment provided by NMR had immediate results which exceeded my expectations. The positive results have motivated me to work harder and continue treatment. NMR has provided me with with long term solutions which will improve my physical health for the rest of my life. ”
-Michael P. Piscataway NJ

“In early 2017, I was diagnosed with breast cancer in my right breast. I underwent a lumpectomy and sentinel node biopsy, followed by seven weeks of radiation. Approximately two months after my treatments were finished I resumed exercising and doing yoga. I immediately noticed tightness in my right underarm and weakness in the arm itself with significant loss of motion in my right shoulder. I reported these symptoms to my radiation oncologist at my three month follow-up appointment, and he prescribed physical therapy, and I am so glad he did.

A few weeks later I met with Dr. Claudia Tamas who assessed my condition and designed a personal physical therapy program for me. I saw improvement almost immediately. After six weeks the tightness in my armpit was totally gone and I had regained full range of motion in the shoulder. I continue to do the strengthening exercises that Dr. Tamas prescribed for me, and I have no doubt that I will make a full recovery and will be even stronger then I was prior to my diagnosis. I highly recommend physical therapy and Dr. Tamas to anyone that finds themselves in a similar situation to mine.”
-Debbie Solomita

“It was my lucky day when my niece recommended Dr. Sferra and his staff at NMR Branchburg facility. I had previously been to two other rehab facilities, but in a very short time I knew that the level of competence was far superior at NMR and that I had found my rehab home. Their knowledge, dedication and the support they give to each patient makes the rehab visit, besides beneficial,  a very pleasant one— it’s actually fun.”
-Sandi Medvedich, Pittstown, NJ

“As a former patient of NMR, I would like to say Dr. Sferra and staff are very dedicated and helpful. They were always pleasant and eager to work with me to improve my health.  On a scale of 1 to 10, I rate NMR 10!”
-Anonymous, Bridgewater, NJ

“I have been going to NMR almost since its inception and they have successfully helped me through many crisis. I have always found Dr. Sferra and his entire staff to be nothing but friendly, courteous and helpful with your best interest and health a priority.  I would highly recommend to anyone in need.”
-Nicki H. Manville, NJ

“Dr. Jeremy and the staff at NMR have been instrumental in my rehabilitation since undergoing orthroscopic shoulder surgery.  They have extremely great skills in dealing with each individual and the knowledge of progression as you move through the therapy and the process.  I am extremely grateful for their outstanding treatment and thank them all sincerely.”
-Tom Shimko

“I set up an appt at NMR for a full health consultation and blood work. The entire staff was extremely friendly and knowledgeable. I was given a diet plan and a few vitamins that were recommended after reviewing my blood work and I feel 100% better. I am sleeping much better, not chronically fatigued and have much more energy. I purchased protein powder that they carry at NMR and I no longer feel bloated after consuming a shake. I was using several other brands that were filled with a lot of garbage and chemicals causing the continuous bloated ” Horrible ” feeling. As you can see by the ingredients the stuff they recommended is very clean and all natural. I am so happy with everything that NMR has provided and the staff is always available for questions/ solutions to all concerns. I highly recommend NMR to everyone looking to get back in shape and start a cleaner style of living.”
~Jim Stillman, Branchburg NJ

“I am so glad that you were recommended to me by the doctors at Access Medical.  You and your staff helped me a lot, especially Katie, teaching me the exercises that I needed.  All of he other staff members do a great job on my back especially Dr. Sferra when he adjusts by neck, etc.  He truly cares about his profession and I can feel it in his hands.  I highly recommend this facility to many people.  P.S. Everyone is so caring!  When I come in, I know that I’m getting all the proper treatment I really need.  When I leave, I feel like a million bucks!  May God bless you all.”
~Ralph J. Evans, Whitehouse Station, NJ


“My experience with NMR and the staff was incredible. They do everything they possibly can to make sure your needs are met and you are as comfortable as possible. I struggled with funds and they went above and beyond to accommodate me with this struggle. That is something that not many offices or practices even consider doing. You can tell that the staff are more concerned with the care of their patients, than the payment they receive. That doesn’t go unnoticed. Thank you for all that you have done for me. I greatly appreciate it!” ~Anonymous

Alonna G

“From my first visit the staff of caring professionals were helpful, clear, supportive and responsive to inquiry and concerns.  The mood in the center is professional but also inviting and I appreciated the shared sense of humor in the difficult moments.  My condition from pain and stiffness improved to pain-free plateaus two times, followed by increase in my challenges, which I recognize as good training and progress towards my goals.  I would definitely recommend and refer friends and family and strangers, too, to the center.”
Melodie Somers ~ Somerset, NJ 


“I have been coming to NMR for the past three months and feel much better than when I started. I came to NMR with chronic pain in my shoulder and hip that would wake me up at night and have me relying heavily on ant- inflammatory medications.  The multiple therapies prescribed by Dr. Sferra of heat, electric muscle therapy, massage, mobility and exercise has almost eliminated the shoulder pain and greatly reduced the hip pain. The facility is nice and clean and the staff is knowledgeable and friendly. It’s a great environment that I would highly recommend to anyone in need of PT.”

Gary F. ~ Passaic, NJ

“Many thanks and appreciation to NMR for its collaborative approach in addressing an injury to my knee that I recently experienced after years of wear and tear.  Dr. Jeremy is highly skilled, knowledgeable and engaging and he developed a sound strategy and plan of treatment that not only alleviated my knee pain, but also vastly improved the strength, function and mobility of my knee.   Each session progressed and built upon the last session making the time commitment well worthwhile.  The whole NMR staff, including Steve and Katie, were extremely helpful and supporting in me in achieving my goals.  I am thrilled that I have been able to return to my regular fitness activities stronger than I was before and with the tools I need to prevent a recurrence.  The holistic approach of NMR driven by Dr. Sferra provides a tremendous value to me and anyone in the community NMR serves and we are fortunate to have such a resource available.”

Stefanie McNamara, ~Neshanic Station, NJ

“After having a severe medical issue that lead to being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that was not manageable with conventional medicine, I was referred to NMR. I met with Dr. Sferra and decided to begin Biofeedback treatment. This decision changed everything. Sean was able to teach me ways to change how I responded to stress that worked for me and the things that were going on in my day to day life. Due to this, I was able to go off the medication I was using to manage the painful side effects of my disease and begin to feel better. I was able to sleep again because the pain wasn’t keeping me awake. I was also able to improve how I deal with an anxiety disorder I have struggled with for a long time by using the techniques he taught me.

I went from feeling pain and discomfort daily due to my diagnosis of gastroparesis to feeling like myself for the first time in months. My side effects had diminished and I could focus on the things I enjoyed again instead of just feeling like my goal was to just get through the day. If you’ve ever had consistent pain or discomfort, you know that it effects all aspects of your life and being able to manage that pain and allow my body to feel normal again after months where it felt so awful was so important.

Since starting at NMR, I have also had blood work and nutritional counseling with Dr. Kepko. Being able to address the nutritional needs I have due to my diagnosis is important to my well being. I learned how to eat better based on the things going on with my body. I was also able to discover that I had another autoimmune issue that I needed to be aware of and could begin doing things to be preventive of problems it could cause. After all I have been through, knowing what my body is up against and being able to take preventive measures is so important to me.

I have also been treated with PT for an injury I sustained while backpacking. While discussing my injury with Dr. Sferra, I asked him to look at another problem I had been having for many years but was unable to get a clear diagnosis on with my foot. When I went to PT, not only were they able to strengthen and heal my sprain, but they showed me exercises and cured me of the pain in my foot I had suffered with for years. Everyone I worked with during my time in PT was kind and helpful and they listened to me and helped me feel better than I did before I injured my ankle.

The staff I have worked with at NMR are incredible. They have given me the tools I need to regain control of my health and to go after some more athletic goals I have for the future. I am able to run again as well as participate in CrossFit exercises that push my body. Thanks to the treatment I have received, I am pain free and significantly stronger which is crucial for the goals I am trying to accomplish.”

Jackie Larsen, ~Flemington, NJ

“I have had a very positive experience here. X-rays, testing and thorough evaluation of my condition after major surgery gave me a good idea of what was needed for recovery, as well as confidence. The therapy, treatments and exercises in a friendly and professional atmosphere have been a tremendous help in my recovery.”

Sal G. ~Pocono Summit, PA

“My experience at NMR has been amazing! After my surgery I thought I would never get back to where I was before. But with the personalized treatment here at NMR they helped me get into the best shape I’ve ever been in. I would recommend everyone looking to feel motivated, and looking for improvement to come here! They will not disappoint.”

Brianna G. ~Branchburg, NJ

“Best PT I know, Dr. Jeremy, great crew that works well with the patients and each other. When I first came here, I could NOT walk without a cane. Thanks to the Doc and crew I am able to now get around independently. Wonderful, professional & caring people at NMR…especially Dr. Jeremy Cohen!

Monica M. ~Oldwick, NJ

“NMR is just the best rehabilitation facility I have ever gone to. Dr. Sferra and his staff are amazing. The care I receive every time I go is outstanding. I don’t know how I can ever repay Dr. Sferra for all his help and having such an amazing staff.”

Donna Beck

“Just a simple thank you to everyone at NMR responsible for my great experience with therapy. Everyone helped me work hard to recover physically from my car accident last year. Biofeedback was crucial toward my emotional healing as well. I’m very thankful to all of you! You are extremely professional & dedicated to all of your patients!”

Luanne ~Bridgewater, NJ

What brought you to our facility? “Community outreach at J&J Cordis. The expertise, friendliness & professionalism. I love NMR! There is always a pleasant atmosphere & I saw great improvement while there. The most impactful part of my treatment plan was the education – not only did the staff help me, they taught me what to do to help myself.”

Veronica Smith ~ Highland Park, NJ

“Dr. Jeremy was an excellent clinician who was careful to prescribe exercises and activities to enhance John’s performance in football w/o further aggravation. John has recovered from injury and developed interest to pursue physical therapy.”

Sue M.

What brought you to our facility? “Really, your people. They came to our office for Biofeedback and Stress Assessment. They are very personable. I feel I can be open, honest, and myself around them. I am confident that I can be a healthier, happier person, naturally. Which is what I want.”

Brooke Hughes ~ Newfoundland, NJ

“I met a representative at my work Health Fair and thought your treatments would help with pain in my neck and knee. Helpful, patient, knowledgeable, very interested in making me feel better. All treatments are helping. Exercise, electric therapy and the massage help me and make it easier to move with less pain. The home exercises help me to continue to improve. Great for less pain with no pills!”

Joseph Bozzomo ~ Middlesex, NJ

“The facility is clean, bright and fully equipped for the patients injuries and comfort. Any and all questions are cheerfully answered by both the doctors and therapists down to the receptionists. Everyone is always willing to help.

Virginia L. ~ Edison, NJ

“Since doubling my driving commute to an hour to/from work it seemed that a herniated disc condition in my neck was re-aggravated. Pain management treatment was necessary, along with physical therapy. The pinched nerve symptoms affecting my left arm subsided immensely with the aid of your dedicated and knowledgeable/caring staff. The floor exercises were planned out especially for my condition. the staff is diligent in spotting you when doing floor exercises and using the equipment & machines. Everything is always in great working order and you are never rushed. I’ve been to other places where the attention was not there and thus received an injury from doing the exercises incorrectly. Not at NMR, they know their stuff. I have built up strength in my arm, neck and back muscles while learning the proper and safe way to exercise the areas I was treated for. Learning these very important and valuable physical therapy exercises and doing them correctly leads to a healthy life.”

Susan R. ~ Hunterdon County

“Just a quick note to thank you all for helping me strengthen my legs and rest of body to improve my skiing. I just skied 5 days in a row and 9 in total – best skiing I have ever done in Switzerland thanks to my “new legs” and new found confidence. Your are the best!”

Cindy D. ~ Far Hills, NJ

“I wanted convey my sincere appreciation for the help your and your team provided during my rehabilitation from a full tear of the MCL in my right knee. I am pleased to report that I have returned to playing soccer full-time in my weekly men’s league. As you may recall, it was very important for me to return to an active lifestyle that includes soccer, skiing, and chasing two young children as they explore their won athletic activities.

From day one I was impressed with our facility and the professionalism displayed by your staff. I have undergone rehab from other injuries in the past and your center is state of the art. I was very pleased with the rehabilitation plan you set me, which supported my expectations while also cautiously preparing me for aggressive physical activity.”

Justin P. ~ Bridgewater, NJ

“Frustrated with ongoing back pain and spasms, and having seen countless doctors and physical therapists, I decided to NMR a chance. I was walking with a cane when I began treatment, and was initially treated with pain-reduction techniques, electric stimulation, massage therapy, heat and/or ice therapy, and light stretching. As the pain diminished, the program progressed to more range-of-motion exercise, and finally to full weight-training to strengthen and stabilize my back and core. Their program was geared toward being fit for life, rather than simply treating the immediate problem. I had some success with physical therapy in the past, but would quickly regress. The NMR program treated my immediate needs (severe pain and lack of mobility), but didn’t stop there. Dr. Sferra explained the need for me to strengthen my core as a means to prevent future episodes of debilitation pain. Back health needs to be a way of life, the NMR program has put me on the path to pain-free living.”

Bob P. ~ Readington, NJ

“What a great experience I’m having at Natural Medicine & Rehabilitation. I came in after back surgery, and after my evaluation, we came up with an individualized program of care and strengthening exercises. This was to help me heal, but also help me live a better and more active life. Dr. Jeremy Cohen and his PT staff are simply amazing. The program I am following with Dr. Cohen in combination with my home program, have given me excellent results. Through Dr. Cohen’s thorough knowledge and his personal approach to my recovery, I am in the best physical shape I have ever been.  The entire staff are professional, caring and most patient throughout the recovery process.  When I have completed my rehabilitation, I would love to continue at NMR for a “maintenance program”. I had never been an “exercise” person, but now look forward to my sessions and beyond as a big part of my life” “

Steven B. Schultz ~ Hillsborough, NJ

“Dr. Sferra, Thank you so much for all the advice and help you gave me. Your guidance gave me stability in a time when I was surrounded by uncertainty. Because of you, I felt empowered to take conscious changes to improve my health, and I have been reaping the benefits daily. After following your advice, I have had a clearer thought process and have had more energy. I find it easier to go about my day and have more motivation to face tasks. You were easy to talk to and immediately after speaking with you I knew that you had my best interest in mind and would do everything you could to guide me in the right direction. I appreciate the way you took my lifestyle into account and gave me an individualized approach to improve from my previous habits. Thank you again for your kindness and patience.”

“Thank you, Dr. Claudia, for teaching me how simple it is to juice! I thought juicing would be something I only did because it would be healthy for me, but I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoy the taste of the juice! My favorite recipe is your Super Detox Green Juice. Juicing is the easiest and fastest way I have ever prepared veggies. There is no cooking, roasting, steaming or sauteing, no messy pots or pans, the juicer is super easy to clean up and you don’t even have to chop the veggies so they look nice to serve! Thanks for teaching me how to pick the right juicer and getting me started with a few recipes. I feel great and love it!”
-Melissa P., Readington, NJ

“I’m a grateful cancer survivor whose cancer treatment caused damage to the nerves in my feet.  Anyone with foot neuropathy knows how painful this is, especially as the nerves begin to grow back.  I hobbled around for three years.  My doctors told me repeatedly that the foot pain might be permanent.  Eventually my strange gait and constant limping caused additional problems with my knees and hips.

The doctors and staff at NMR reviewed my medical condition and gave me hope. They prescribed a combination of physical therapy and chiropractic manipulation to improve my muscles and diminish the pain so I could walk normally.  What a difference it made!  Even my team of cancer doctors are amazed at my progress. Thank you NMR!”
~Dara M., Somerset, NJ

“Thank you for getting me back running!  I’m OK with the length of time it took me and I have a better understanding of how to help my body to remain injury free.  I learned new stretches and plan on continuing them at home.”
-Jennifer H., Branchburg, NJ

“I feel the treatment I received at NMR was superior to another facility I used.  They tailored exercises to improve flexibility while taking patient’s ability into consideration and the hands-on spinal manipulation by Dr. Jeremy made a tremendous difference in pain levels and quality of life.  Thank you so much!”
-Anonymous, Somerset, NJ

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I feel so great!  Before starting on the program I could only do 15 minutes of walking/running at a 3.5 speed.  I would get short of breath and tire quickly, but after being on the program for 2 weeks, I am now at a 5.0 speed and can run longer and faster than I would have thought.  Thank you Dr. Claudia for giving me my confidence back and teaching me the right way of running without getting shortness of breath and pain.  If I keep this going, I could probably sign up for a half marathon in the Spring of 2018.”
– Maria, Edison, NJ

“As the Personal Training Manager of Gold’s Gym Bridgewater and a Men’s Physique Bodybuilder my body is my livelihood. Being able to demonstrate and execute exercises on a daily basis is a critical part of my job. I know I can count on Doctor Sferra and his staff to keep me running on all cylinders no matter what issue I walk through the door with. Their wide range of services ranging from chiropractic care, physical therapy, massage therapy, acupuncture, and ultrasound has allowed me to sustain such a high level of physical demand that I place on my body day by day. This is what separates NMR from the rest; NMR is truly a one stop shop for anyone suffering from physical pain. There is no need to go to doctor after doctor for each and every issue that may arise when Natural Medicine and Rehabilitation can treat them all!”
-Tom Banafato, Bridgewater, NJ

“Dr. Sferra and Dr. Jeremy and the staff of Natural Medicine & Rehabilitation create an environment of caring and healing.  Their program of exercises and activities has enabled me to feel stronger and experience less pain.  Thank you all for helping in my quest for ‘good health’!
-Vivian O.


“Very pleased with the treatment I have received at Natural Medicine & Rehabilitation!  Everyone is dedicated and so willing to help and answer questions, Katie is especially willing to work with me.”
Pat F. ~ Whitehouse Station


“The best! Everyone on the team is friendly and accommodating and goes above and beyond to make you feel part of the family … After having 2 major pec tears and a bunch of rotator cuff injuries I have been working with Dr Sferra and Dr Jeremy… They have me back training doing what i love in the gym!” ~ Anthony Vazquez


“Very friendly and knowledgeable staff, attentive to patient’s needs and concerns.  The office hours are flexible to work with and they are willing to accommodate patient’s schedule.  I highly recommend NMR as the place to go it you need physical therapy.”
Howard D. ~ Bridgewater, NJ  

“I played sports my whole life, including Division 1 athletics. I then went on and continued to train hard and heavy in the weight room and became a police officer. It goes without saying I’ve pounded on my body and demanded a lot from it for a long time.
Several years ago, I developed low back as well as neck pain to the point where everyday activities became painful and taxing. I began treatment at NMR and after a few short weeks felt not only “healed” but better than ever. The treatment and services are top to bottom phenomenal. From the warm greeting at the front desk to the courteous and professional atmosphere on the floor to most importantly the RESULTS I got from all the Doctors each and every visit.

Several years later I am pain free, I have better mobility, I am stronger and I feel BETTER than I ever have. I continue to pursue therapy as a maintenance tool and as part of my fitness/longevity journey. The atmosphere at the office is welcoming, educational, and productive. I genuinely enjoy my office visits. Thank you NMR for keeping me in the game and performing at my best.”

Chris R. ~Bedminster, NJ

“This has been a great experience! The entire staff at NMR is wonderful. I have suffered 2 years with horrible knee pain. After several weeks of therapy and treatment I barely have any pain at all. I am extremely thankful for NMR!”

MaryAnne B. ~Branchburg, NJ

“I made the decision to go to PT again September 2015. I was experiencing an extremely high level of pain in both of my knees that affected my life whether I was attempting to sleep, exercise or even drive my car. I was having trouble sleeping at night because of the pain and my form was comprised when doing squats and lunges. Flash forward 6 months later, the pain level has dropped significantly and I am able to perform some exercises without experiencing pain that is a 7-8 on a 1-10 scale. I trained legs twice last month as I normally would do (with less weight) and I did not experience any pain. I feel like I have gained control of my life and have corrected many imbalances thanks to the help of Dr. Jeremy Cohen and Steve. I have gained a lot of flexibility, mobility and range of motion that I did not have before. I also learned a lot about form and using the correct muscles that I have neglected (glutes and abdominals). I’ve made a commitment to continue to do the at-home exercises and follow some of the guidelines Dr. Jeremy Cohen gave me. Going to Natural Medicine & Rehab was one of the best decisions I’ve made for my own personal health and rehabilitation.”

Enmanuel Martinez, ~North Brunswick , NJ

“My wife and daughter first came to NMR in 2013. They convinced me to go in September 2014 after I was told I was pre-Diabetic after my annual physical. I came for weight training and stretching for 6 months. I lost weight and my nutrition was greatly improved. The NMR staff are not only consummate professionals but some have become friends. They are truly dedicated to their patients. Their respect for the patient is second to none.”

Lou Thomas, ~Whitehouse Station, NJ

“I have been coming to Natural Medicine and Rehabilitation in Branchburg, NJ for many years and would not consider going anywhere else for my health needs. They have always been able to bring me back to a painless, comfortable life. Each patient there is treated respectfully. The staff becomes like ‘family’ and everyone reaps the benefits.

Dr. Sferra and his very knowledgeable staff of doctors and therapists formed a plan of chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy and precise exercises that aided my healing.
I’m a regular patient of Dr. Sirlin’s but on occasion, have been treated by Dr Sferra and realized that each doctor and therapist is made aware of each patient’s program so they can jump in and help at any time.

Thanks to Dr. Sirlin, Dr. Sferra, Pat, Steve, Sean, Travis and of course, Hayk, I’m able to live a healthy active lifestyle again.”

Virginia L. ~Edison, NJ

“I was very happy with my time spent at Natural Medicine & Rehab. All the staff are extremely friendly & kind, and make you feel comfortable and welcome. Coming to physical therapy was often the highlight of my day, and I was very happy with the care I received. Although I broke my foot in the Fall, the exercises I did here have helped strengthen me to hopefully not have an injury like this again. Keep up the good work.”

Emily Adams ~Lebanon, NJ

I came to NMR with a hamstring injury in June 2015. Right from the start the staff was welcoming, friendly and very professional. I had PT at another location several years ago for the same injury and my experience at NMR has far surpassed that of my previous PT location. Every member of the NMR team that worked on me was very professional and personal at the same time. They took the time to listen to me, ask me questions regarding my injury and also just to get to know me. They take the time to listen, to inform the patient and to make sure your getting the treatment you deserve. I cannot say enough how satisfied I am with my experience at NMR and how wonderful the entire staff was during my treatment.”

Ray O. ~ Whitehouse Station, NJ

“I cannot thank you enough! From hip to back – neck to shoulders – and that incredibly tricky knee – you FIXED ME!! You made it possible for me to get back to my normal activity levels and take a trip of my lifetime!! Thank you!”

Donna F. ~ Branchburg, NJ

“I was becoming more crippled every day. Over the years, I had gained a lot of weight. I was no longer able to do all the fun things I used to enjoy doing all the time, especially playing golf. I couldn’t stand for any length of time without pain and numbness. I was afraid to go for long walks because the pain would be so bad I couldn’t walk back home. I had to use a golf cart instead of walking the golf course. Even everyday activities, like cooking, laundry, driving, etc. were getting more and more difficult to perform. I met Pat at an Environmental Health & Safety Fair held at J&J ITS cafeteria. My back is so much better, I can do so much more now. It’s really improved my whole outlook on life. I have more energy.”

Kathryn Clancy ~ Ewing, NJ

“Not a week has gone by since I completed my sessions in June that I haven’t thought of, and thanked, you and the great group of Healers at NMR. It is a place of good “Karma”, to use a ’60’s term. Everyone who was a patient there while I was, made the same comment: you immediately sense that the staff is interested in you as a person rather than a “case”, and want you to heal as quickly as possible.”

Al Seabra ~ Raritan, NJ

“I came to Natural Medicine & Rehabilitation with a quality of life that was limited dramatically by intense low back pain precipitated by the most minimal movement. After completing treatment by your group, I now live pain free. Beyond being pain free, as a product of the learning experience that was part of my therapy, I am doing most everything that I used to do prior to back problems emerging.”

Robert R. ~ Somerville, NJ

“My migraines and headaches have been a constant battle ever since I was little. I was always told I would need medicine to cure my ailment. I didn’t realize that headaches/migraines were a severe problem and could get treated naturally. Since going to NMR, my headaches diminished from being CONSTANT to INFREQUENT! It’s been over 2 consecutive months now that I have not had one migraine!!! Because of NMR, I have learned specific techniques to eradicate the stress and tension in my neck. Just walking into NMR was like stepping into abyss…Friendly faces and a natural solution to my problem. Now I can spend my days playing with my toddler and not worrying about the pain. Thank you so much for your help and support.”

Rachel Cronin ~ Martinsville, NJ

“After months of severe neck pain Dr. Lon Goldberg suggested NMR for therapy. From start to finish it was the best experience ever! With the initial evaluation of my problem and the care laid out for me which was all tailored for my individual needs. Every single person that I interacted with took time to assess my personal needs and meet them fully and capable. I always felt special. The care was the best! And best of all I am relieved of the daily pain that I endured before starting my therapy! The therapeutic massage was outstanding, and although I had initial skepticism about chiropractic manipulation – it did wonders. And the floor exercises, some of which I do daily today, are what I think helps keep me pain free months later.”

Maxine Eisenstat ~ Whitehouse Station, NJ

“I came to Natural Medicine & Rehabilitation following a three-level lumbar spinal fusion. When I came to my first appointment I was in a lot of pain, had difficulty with mobility and I was extremely frustrated with my recovery. Dr. Sferra took the time during my consultation to examine me, go over my medical and surgical history, and to explain the rehabilitation program. The following day I began my rehab program and I am feeling better every day. The doctors, physical therapist, massage therapists and assistants are truly incredible. The entire staff has been extremely supportive and every time I attend physical therapy I am greeted with friendly faces that are positive and very well informed on my medical conditions and my rehabilitation needs.

I believe the most helpful aspect of the NMR treatment plan is that I can do my exercise, get ice and stimulation, have a mini-massage and see a chiropractor all in one place, during one visit. I have never had to wait to be seen and I have NEVER been anything but 100% satisfied with the services I am receiving. I have also never had to worry about my insurance or co-pays as the office staff handles everything for me.”

Tracy G. ~ Manville, NJ

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