Healthy Aging and Hormone Optimization Therapy

Natural Medicine & Rehabilitation (NMR) is dedicated to the science of healthy aging. Although time and genetics are constant, it is possible to maintain your biological age at a level younger than your chronological age.

NMR is a unique medical practice that emphasizes the enhancement of health over the treatment of disease. NMR is focused on prevention and wellness, resulting in a more dynamic life throughout middle age and beyond. Scientific studies have shown that by the age of 40, most adults have significantly lower levels of several essential hormones. This contributes to a slow and steady decline in energy, loss of muscle mass, increased body fat, weaker bones, loss of skin tone, lapses of memory and diminished sexual ability.

Optimal health means living with the energy and vitality of someone many years younger, NMR can help you add life to your years. Based on a thorough evaluation, including hormonal analysis and other biomarkers of aging, the NMR healthcare team will design a program tailor-made for your particular needs and goals. Your customized program will be a unique synergy of hormone modulation, optimal nutrition and exercise. Your body fat composition, hormonal levels and nutritional supplements will then be monitored regularly.

When you commit to the NMR program, our healthcare team will become your guide and partner to a fuller, more vital life.

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