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Physical Therapy for Torn Achilles

Physical Therapy for Torn Achilles

Signs and Symptoms of Torn Achilles

Achilles Tendonitis refers to a tear or rupture in the band of calf muscles that connect it to your heel bone. This stretch of tissue is prone to injury because of the low blood flow to the area. While a ruptured tendon is most common in athletes, it can happen to anyone who falls from a tall height or steps into a hole.

 You are at increased risk of developing Achilles Tendonitis if you are male, of advanced age, participate in recreational sports, are overweight, or are taking certain steroids.

 The common symptoms for a torn Achilles are:

  •       A persistent feeling of having been kicked in the calf.
  •       Mild to severe pain and swelling near the heel.
  •       A decreased range of motion for your foot and ankle.
  •       A popping or snapping sound when the injury occurs.
  •       An inability to stand on the toes of your injured leg.

 If you suspect that you have an acute Achilles tendon rupture, you should see a doctor right away. Not letting the tendon heal properly increases the chances of never regaining fully motor control over the affected limb.

Can Physical Therapy Help Achilles Tendonitis?

When your doctor has diagnosed you with a ruptured Achilles, they will typically try and determine the extent of the damage with an MRI scan before suggesting a treatment. What they’ll prescribe depends on several factors, such as your age, level of activity, and severity of the tear in your muscle. Generally, doctors recommend surgical treatment for younger patients and nonsurgical treatments for more senior patients.

 Whether you’ve opted for surgical or nonsurgical treatment options, physical therapy can be a valuable tool in getting back on your feet. The exercise involved can change depending on how you and your doctor have decided to handle your Achilles tendon injuries. Additionally, the physical therapists will evaluate your injuries and overall fitness to develop the most effective plan for you.

 There are several primary goals every patient’s Achilles Tendinitis therapy routine sets out to accomplish to get you back on your feet. These are:

  •       Pain Relief – To eliminate pain in your injury, the therapist may apply ice, heat packs, or a TENS unit.
  •       A Full Range of Motion – The therapist improves movement by assigning stretching exercises or completing hands-on treatment.
  •       Muscle Strengthening – You’ll be assigned light strength-building exercises to counter weakness in your injured limb.

Torn Achilles Treatment in New Jersey

While any physical therapy can help mend your ruptured tendon, most seek to treat the symptom rather than the root cause. As a result, any relief you get from your muscle pain could be temporary if accomplished with conventional medical treatments. Long-term care for short-term benefits can rack up a hefty price tag and may not be the best option for patients on a budget.

 Fortunately, Natural Medicine & Rehabilitation provides patient-centered torn Achilles treatment to deliver long-lasting health and wellness to New Jersey residents.

If you’re suffering from Achilles Tendon pain, call 908-252-0242 to request an appointment and get relief today!

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