A Safer Way to Manage Pain. Explore non-Opioid Alternatives

Before starting with medications for your pain, consider safer non-opioid options to help you move past the pain, and enjoy living pain-free. Over the years there has been an increase in drug addiction and deaths prompted by the abuse of opioids for pain management. The increase in prescribed opioids is not only increasing the risk […]


Acupuncture has been a component of Traditional Chinese Medicine that originated over 5000 years ago and is now being offered as a holistic approach to pain management at Natural Medicine & Rehabilitation!  Acupuncture can provide drug free pain relief for people with chronic pain and suffering by encouraging the body to promote natural healing.  The […]

Day #100. Weight loss goals met! The first 100 Day: A journey to health & wellness

          2014 Boston Marathon Volunteer recap: Kristen, a Licensed Massage Therapist stretched and massaged runners after they finished the marathon. Sean, a Registered Nurse cared for runners along the course who could not finish the race. It was our pleasure to lend our skills to the marathon runners and to the […]

Day #90. Finish Strong. The first 100 days: A journey to health & wellness.

      Day #90  We did not post an update last week because we realized that somewhere along the way we got 1 week ahead of ourselves (human error). Today Monday April 21, 2014  is in fact day #90. Today we are volunteering our time and skills at the 2014 Boston Marathon. Our assignments […]

Day #60 Progress Update. The first 100 days: A journey to health & wellness

        Day #60 On Sunday 3/16/14 (yesterday) we ran the NYC ½ marathon (see pics above). It was an amazing experience! We ran around Central Park (with a dip into Harlem), through Times Square, down the West Side Highway and finished on Wall Street. We both did well, surprisingly well. We give a lot […]