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NMR is seeking an NJ licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT or tDPT) to join our team in our Somerset, NJ and Branchburg, NJ locations. In this position the ideal candidate will work directly with patients of all ages, and diverse backgrounds, to deliver the utmost level of patient care through manual work, physical agents, therapeutic exercise equipment, laser, heat therapy, and ultrasound machines.
•Provide physical therapy services in our state of the art outpatient facilities
•Develop, and guide, treatment plans, and home exercises, with an emphasis on encouraging compliance to achieve optimal results
•Successfully identify, document, and communicate the patients’ treatment goals and anticipated progress
•Identify a patients’ need for supporting treatment such as other specialty services, and durable medical equipment
•Conduct patient evaluations, and alter treatment plans based on the patients’ progress
•Work closely with fellow physical therapist, aides, massage therapists, medical doctors and chiropractors
•Effectively communicate information about physical therapy, injury prevention, and ways to achieve overall health and wellness

Candidate Requirements:
•New Jersey licensure
•Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT or tDPT)
•Out of network with all insurance plans
•1-3 years experience of direct patient care
•CPR/ First Aid certification
•Strong knowledge of therapeutic exercises
•Manual therapy skills
•Dry needling, kinesio tape, and other certifications are a plus
•Proven management skills
•Familiarity with insurance benefits, diagnosis codes, and appeals

The ideal candidate will also possess an exceptional level of the following:

Dependability, professional integrity, emotional/ social intelligence, problem solving and analytical thinking skills, independence and initiative, adaptability, stress management, persistence and effort, leadership skills, communication skills, Microsoft Office and computer skills, and above all teamwork.

What We Offer:
•Competitive compensation
•Multiple medical and dental insurance plans to choose from
•Life insurance
•Paid time off
•Sick time
•Continuing education allowance
•Team oriented, collaborative, fun, and professional atmosphere that fosters self growth and development of skills

Job Type: Full-time

Required education:

Required license or certification:
•NJ Physical Therapist Licensure

Dr. Feldman joins NMR as the Co-Director of Clinical Nutrition & Anti-Aging Medicine


Dr. Feldman (left) is welcomed to NMR by Dr. Sferra.

Dr. Arthur E. Feldman joins NMR as the Co-Director of Clinical Nutrition & Anti-Aging Medicine.  With his lifetime devotion of helping patients achieve optimal health and wellness, he is a natural addition to the group of physicians at NMR. Since 1998, Natural Medicine & Rehabilitation’s (NMR) primary focus of healthcare has been on physical rehabilitation, clinical nutrition, and services to help with stress reduction.  These core services address the ‘Triad of Health’ pillars which can most easily be referred to as ‘you are what you EAT, THINK and DO”.  By combining these core services at NMR, we can address a myriad of health problems at their source.

Dr. Feldman’s clinical expertise, especially as it relates to men’s health, brings great value to the patients of NMR.  The health changes men experience due to hormones, from youth to middle age, are real but generally not as abrupt as they are for women. Men generally find themselves with age-related health concerns gradually appearing over time.  And although less dramatic for men, it can be quite troubling when one day they realize they have slowly been gaining weight, decreasing muscle mass & strength, decreasing energy, decreasing libido and ability to perform sexually, as well as insomnia, nervousness and depression.

At NMR we care for middle-aged men living through andropause, the male equivalent of menopause, by looking at the body as a whole.  We help our patients achieve optimal health and body composition (body fat %) and counsel them on healthy and effective nutrition and fitness habits, balance hormone levels and teach stress-tempering techniques.

Health issues assumed to be related exclusively to a man’s age – weight gain, fatigue, insomnia, high blood pressure, blood sugar and lipid imbalances, sexual dysfunction– have more to do with insufficient or poor health habits over half of a lifetime than simply age alone.  Making time for all the responsibilities at work and home and not taking the time for proper nutrition, exercise and rest can increase your risk of weight gain, high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease. Unfortunately, these stressors that add to a man’s stress burden also greatly contribute to poor health and disease.

Many health risks are the result of unhealthy aging, but can often be corrected with good nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle changes that reduce stress and restore the body toward balance.  Exercise is also one of the greatest therapies to modulate stress hormone output and nutritional changes can help with the difficulties experienced at mid-life that are caused by a pro-inflammatory diet high in sugar, fat and junk food.

Optimal health is also dependent on the balancing of hormones.  Hormones are natural substances produced in our bodies which function as messengers between cells to regulate metabolism as well as other bodily functions.  Blood work and laboratory testing can be done to show normal and abnormal levels of many different hormones including sex and adrenal stress hormones. The innovative cutting-edge laboratory testing done at NMR provides a powerful tool towards improving your health and wellness. It will help to determine how to improve your metabolism, balance your hormones, optimize your body fat / muscle ratio, determine your hidden risks of cardiovascular disease and diabetes and get you energized and strong!  Dr. Feldman or Dr. Kepko, our Co-Directors of Clinical Nutrition & Anti-Aging Medicine at NMR, will explain the results with you and create a personalized wellness program developed specifically for your needs.

Dr. Arthur FeldmanDr. Arthur E. Feldman
Co-Director of Clinical Nutrition & Anti-Aging Medicine
Natural Medicine & Rehabilitation.

Dr. Feldman has devoted himself to helping patients achieve optimal health and wellness. He has lectured at Canyon Ranch and in the community on disease prevention, extending longevity and optimizing sexual health and quality of life through proper diet, physical fitness, lifestyle changes and nutritional supplements/vitamins as well as prescription medications when indicated. 

He has been inducted into the RWJHospital/Somerset Campus Hall of Fame for his excellence and has been recognized by his peers as one of New Jersey’s top doctors.

A Safer Way to Manage Pain. Explore non-Opioid Alternatives

A Safer Way to Manage Pain.

A Safer Way to Manage Pain.

Before starting with medications for your pain, consider safer non-opioid options to help you move past the pain, and enjoy living pain-free. Over the years there has been an increase in drug addiction and deaths prompted by the abuse of opioids for pain management. The increase in prescribed opioids is not only increasing the risk of addiction, but also depression, fatal overdoses and symptoms of withdrawal. People addicted to prescription opioids are also 40 times more likely to become addicted to heroin!

In some cases, prescription medications are an appropriate part of treatment. Alleviating pain with medication in the early stages can reduce inflammation and swelling in order to help you move past the pain and start your rehabilitation, but be reassured that we will not put our patient’s health at risk in order for them to live pain free!

Since 1998, Natural Medicine & Rehabilitation (NMR) has taken a holistic approach to healthcare with our primary focus on physical rehabilitation, clinical nutrition and services to help with stress reduction. These core services address the ‘Triad of Health’ pillars which can most easily be referred to as ‘you are what you EAT, THINK and DO”. By combining these core services at NMR, we can address a myriad of health problems at their source.

Pain relief is clearly important; however the goal at NMR is never merely pain relief. We strive to be very specific in diagnosing the source of the problem, and will manage pain with various focused interventions and therapies without the dependence of narcotics whenever possible. By addressing the causative factors that can be rehabilitated, we have a much greater ability to keep people from ever getting started with opioids for pain management.

For some patients, the therapeutic approaches such as Physical Therapy, Chiropractic and Acupuncture may not be enough, resulting in a very limited ability to rehabilitate to full movement, strength and function, which are the ultimate goals. Here is where minimally invasive medical procedures that are performed in less than a one-hour office visit can be of great value not only for a person’s pain but for their ability to then rehabilitate effectively. The following minimally invasive procedures target the pain producing structures to help you progress with your physical rehabilitation program:

• Epidural steroid injections help relieve a patient’s pain and inflammation, but more importantly it also helps them progress in their rehabilitation program in order to best manage the causative factors of their condition and prevent the pain from returning.
• Radiofrequency ablation (or RFA) uses radio waves to decrease pain signals from a specific area of nerve tissues. Once the pain is manageable the patient can begin a rehabilitation program.
• Therapeutic nerve blocks contain local anesthetic to control acute pain.
• Vertebroplasty is a minimally invasive procedure used to stabilize and stop the pain caused from a spinal fracture

After appropriate pain management procedures, our integrated team of health care practitioners including Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists along with Biofeedback, Myofascial and CranioSacral Specialists will create treatment plans that are designed to rehabilitate the area in order to accelerate healing, establish stability and strength, improve mobility, and teach skills needed to prevent the problem along with the pain from returning in the future.

Before you go down the slippery slope of taking opioids, consider how we can help you move past the pain, and enjoy living pain-free, without the dependence of narcotics, by integrating medical and natural approaches all available at Natural Medicine & Rehabilitation (NMR) with locations in Branchburg and opening a new NMR Pain Management location this winter in Somerset.

Dr. Kandra is board certified in Anesthesiology and Pain Management and is dedicated to the treatment of chronic pain symptoms for patients. He is trained at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, one of the country`s top Pain Management training programs.

Dr. Sferra is board certified in Chiropractic Medicine and Chiropractic Neurology, a Certified Clinical Nutritionist and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist certified by the National Strength & Conditioning Association. He is the founder and Clinic Director of Natural Medicine & Rehabilitation. Dr. Sferra is the recipient of the “2005 Spirit of Somerset” award for his outstanding contribution to Health and Wellness in the community.
For more information visit, or call 908-252-0242

Health & Wellness EXPO

Wish you could expand and enhance your company’s health & wellness program? You can!  The theme of the expo is Healthy Employees = Better Business and will showcase tools and resources that can promote and support our employees’ health.  The event will feature health screenings, educational workshops, interactive exhibits, nutritious food demos, healthy refreshments and more.

Natural Medicine & Rehabilitation will be there providing the following workplace wellness programs:

  • Foot & Arch Scans, provided by Pat Taylor
  • Chair Massages, provided by Travis Trapp
  • Mindfulness Plus Workshop, presented by Hayk Andriasyan

When:  Thursday, October 13, 2016 from 11am to 2pm
Where:  270 Davidson Avenue, Somerset, NJ 08873

The event is free of charge for business owners and their employees. Pre-register to qualify for Grand Door Prizes at

We hope to see you there!SomersetCntyBusinessParntershipNJAssoc_1546_(WEB) 2016 Health&Wellness Expo Flyer_FINAL

Prevent, Reduce and Stop Headaches

Natural Medicine & Rehabilitation offers many treatment options to help prevent, reduce and stop headaches.  Headaches are one of the most common complaints that bring a person to a healthcare provider.

What causes your headaches?  Headache triggers are detected by centers within the brain.  These centers control many vital body processes: sleep/wake cycle, hunger, hormone and involuntary nervous system regulation.  Chemical messengers are released in response to your personal triggers.  These chemicals produce a number of body responses.  The most significant to headache is the dramatic effect to the blood vessels in the head, face and neck and to the neuronal activity in the brain. These vascular changes appear to be instrumental in the altered brain activity of those with migraine type of headache.  Depending on which vessels and areas of the head and brain are most affected, headache and the associated symptoms of headache occur such as pain, nausea, visual and vestibular symptomsThe more triggers one is exposed to, the greater the headache!

A quick fix (using migraine medications, aspirin, ibuprofen and acetaminophen) generally works by creating various affects on blood vessels within the head or the neuronal activity within the brain.  When used frequently many of these medications can create rebound headaches.  Rebound headaches are typically even stronger headaches and create a vicious cycle of increased frequency & intensity!

Chronic sinus problems, allergies, poor posture, neck problems, a lack of exercise and un-tempered stress all contribute to your threshold to headaches.  Tension headaches are caused by muscle contractions in the head and neck regions.  A variety of foods, activities, and stressors can cause these types of contractions.  Natural Medicine & Rehabilitation manages these problems through clinical nutrition, rehabilitation & therapeutic lifestyle changes to significantly improve your threshold to headaches.

DSCN0017Acupuncture can provide drug-free relief for people suffering from headaches & migraines with virtually no side-effects.  Acupuncture stimulates the nervous system to release pain-relieving chemicals & hormones.  These chemicals are the body’s natural painkillers!

Biofeedback Therapy can reduce or eliminate the need for medications or may be an option when medications haven’t worked well. Stress is one of the main triggers that can bring on a headache or migraine.  When you are stressed your forehead muscles frown and tighten, jaw muscles tighten and clench and your shoulder muscles hunch and tighten.  Biofeedback sensors on these muscles can show how your body responds to stress.   Biofeedback therapy gives you instant feedback and helps you develop the ability to recognize and reduce stress & muscle tension to help prevent, reduce and stop a headache! 

Our doctors will also look at your nutritional habits to see if food may be contributing to the headache and migraine pain you are experiencing. Optimizing nutrition and hydration is critical to reduce cravings, improve energy, lose weight, prevent illness, reduce inflammation, and symptoms of disease.

Learning healthy lifestyle behaviors and increasing your awareness of things that cause physical stress and physical pain like bracing/guarding, poor posture, and improper lifting will enhance your results.  Chiropractic adjustments are very effective for treating tension headaches, especially headaches that originate in the neck.  Therapeutic Massage is used to apply pressure to soft tissue effecting changes by relaxing contracted muscles, increasing circulation and improving range of motion by stimulating the stretch reflex of muscles and overlying fascia (connective tissue).

Natural Medicine & Rehabilitation offers many treatment options to help prevent, reduce and stop a headache.  We also have a Workplace Wellness lecture on Headaches that we offer to local corporations to help educate their employees on preventative healthcare. Call 908-252-0242 for a free new patient consultation or to set up an Employee Workplace Wellness Program.

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