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Healthy Turkey Veggie Platter for Thanksgiving

Healthy Turkey Veggie Platter for Thanksgiving

Learn how to reduce risk factors to COVID to enjoy a healthy Thanksgiving.

This holiday season, in the light of closures and new restrictions that are being recommended by officials and media, we want to ask you:  Are you and your loved ones actually working on decreasing the risk of poor response to COVID?

Does Quarantine reduce risk factors to COVID?

Quarantine will decrease exposure but it does not decrease your risk factors. The known risks from the CDC data are, poor sugar control and diabetes, hypertension and obesity.

How do you reduce risk factors to COVID?

Working with aggressive lifestyle changes to decrease these risks by establishing blood sugar regulation, exercise, stress management, whole food nutrition and supplementation, we can transform, decrease or eliminate these factors. This is powerful because it puts us back in control.

Getting your family onboard with optimizing health can be done with support from a functional medicine doctor in your area. At Natural Medicine & Rehabilitation, we recognize that each patient represents a unique, complex, and interwoven set of interactions that create the terrain for health or disease. In our approach, we assess core clinical imbalances, fundamental physiological processes, environmental inputs, and genetic predispositions in a highly individualized patient care model.

Examples of core clinical imbalances include blood sugar dysregulation, digestive system imbalances, chronic un-tempered stress responses, inactive lifestyle, toxic burden, sleep problems, poor diet and insufficient nutrient status or immune hypersensitivities to regularly chosen foods. These are some of the most common drivers of disease and dysfunction and they are, among others. This model of patient care requires extensive investigation utilizing diagnostic tools such as blood work and imaging, physical examination, health history, toxic exposure assessment, ability to manage stress, sleep patterns, and genetic predispositions. It is probably most suitably called a process-oriented approach to healthcare.

Once these individual drivers of disease are identified in a patient, our doctors are then making recommendations and providing therapeutic interventions that are natural, lifestyle based in most cases. Clearly, we are looking to eliminate the driving forces of those imbalances and as well, fortify the body’s efforts to rebuild and heal.

If you are local, come to our clinic or see us virtually. We also have recorded lectures that we offer for free to those that want to learn and take aggressive charge of minimizing their risks to COVID or any other health offender that may come their way.

Get started on your path to better health by adding this healthy veggie platter to your Thanksgiving menu.  Involve the kids in making this cute turkey platter and they will be sure to gobble up their healthy creation. God bless you and your family this Thanksgiving!

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