High Blood Pressure, the “Silent Killer”

High Blood Pressure, the “Silent Killer”

High blood pressure can be a fatal condition if left untreated. Because it usually has no symptoms, many people have high blood pressure for years and don’t even know it. Uncontrolled HBP can lead to stroke, heart attack, congestive heart failure, kidney failure, etc. The only way to determine if you have high blood pressure is to have it checked!

We have free health screenings and a Healthy Heart Seminar that we are offering this month to the local companies in our area to help educate and empower people to take control of the risk factors in order to prevent heart disease.

Our screenings provide one-on-one opportunities for employees to privately take a few minutes to learn their blood pressure, body composition or nutritional habits and the impact they have on cardiovascular disease.

For more information email BetterHealthBetterLife@NMRNJ.com.

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