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An Important Step in Achieving Immune System Resiliency

An Important Step in Achieving Immune System Resiliency

“You can’t truly call yourself “peaceful” unless you are capable of great violence. If you’re not capable of violence, you’re not peaceful, you’re harmless. Important distinction.”~ Stef Starkgaryen

This also applies to our immune system. We want it to be strong and resilient and capable of great ‘violence’ when it comes to certain disease producing microbes and invaders. As well, we want it to have an appropriate response and for the most part to be peaceful, but not harmless and ineffective. This type of peacefulness is particularly important when it comes to the relationship between our immune system and our own tissues, called immune tolerance. Unfortunately, we are seeing great harm and loss of tolerance to self, secondary to immune hypervigilance or loss of tolerance such as in autoimmune diseases like Lupus, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, Celiac Disease among 200 others. The field of immunology recognizes three types of tolerance: oral tolerance, chemical tolerance and self-tolerance.

With autoimmune disease, self-tolerance has been lost and the body is attacking its own tissue. Most people with autoimmune disease will see loss of tolerance in all three areas including oral and chemical, finding themselves reacting to foods and chemicals that didn’t used to be problematic for them before.

If you learned that you have lost tolerance to many foods you will be guided by your doctor at NMR through process-oriented medicine approach on how to navigate this time of high reactivity and restore immune tolerance. Loss of tolerance varies greatly among individuals. Trouble shooting is always multi layered and diet is only one piece of the puzzle.

Microbiome (state of your healthy bacteria-particularly within your gut) diversity is critical to healthy immune tolerance. The more we limit our diets the more you will reduce your diversity which in long term is harmful to immune health. Achieving microbiome diversity is the first step towards restoring immune tolerance and vegetable variety has greater power than any supplement in shifting our microbiome in a positive direction. It is important to understand that vegetable variety, even more so than quantity, is key in this process.

We want to suggest a super healthy challenge for you.

  • Visit your grocery store and find 15-20 different organic fibrous vegetables to buy.
  • Bring them home, wash and clean them, then break them down to a pulp in a food processor.
  • Combine them together and store in fridge or freezer if you made a large amount.
  • Have 2-3 tablespoons per day. Prepare to be amazed at the results when incorporated in your other daily health minded routines long term. This is one great way to ensure diversity of fibrous vegetation for a healthy microbiome.
  • Try the Veggie Mash in one of our Recipes:  Veggie Mash Salad, Veggie Mash Burger, or Veggie Mash Omelettes

We are giving credit to world renown autoimmune expert Dr Datis Kharazzian for the ‘veggie mash-up’ recipe.

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