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Benefits of the Side Bridge

Benefits of the Side Bridge

This excellent functional exercise benefits all patients who are looking to achieve deep core strengthening to support their lumbar spine and hip-pelvic complex as well as shoulder stability.

Main muscles involved:

  • Pelvic floor and deep abdominal muscles
  • Oblique muscles recruitment for lateral abdominal support
  • Gluteus Medius strengthening (outer tight)
  • Adductor stability (inner thigh)
  • Upper body and shoulder complex support
  • Deep spinal stabilizers

Start position: Side lying as shown in the picture making a “bridge” between the floor facing hip and shoulder.

Step 1: The patient is prompted to engage pelvic floor and activate abdominals as they exhale

Step 2: Keeping pelvic floor and abdominals engaged, the patient lifts the hip off the floor maintaining neutral spinal alignment (inhale)

Step 3: Hold position for 3 seconds

Step 4:Return to start position (exhale)

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