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Supplements are prescribed at Natural Medicine & Rehabilitation (NMR) to help support patients who are already embarked on a healthy lifestyle including exercise, stress tempering, and food that is healing and supportive to the body. When it comes to supplements, purity and bioavailability are important for us at NMR.

After extensive research from our natural medicine doctors, we teamed up with nutraceutical companies that can provide our patients with highest quality supplements. As many know, the supplement market is not tightly regulated in the US. If you buy your supplements online or at a local store, there are no guarantees of what might be in your product. When several products in a well-known supplement store in the US were studied in a lab, they contained wood dust, contaminants like arsenic, high amounts of inert filler or a completely different product than what was written on the label! Additionally, even when a product has the nutrients stated on the label, the doses are many times, cosmetic, meaning not enough to have any therapeutic or even maintenance level benefit.

We now have the advantage of prescribing therapeutic dosages to our patients to support and augment healthy lifestyle changes without any concerns. By identifying the mechanisms of how a patient’s condition has developed, each supplement and its dosage is prescribed based on their unique health needs.

Our core supplements target blood sugar regulation, cardiovascular health, women’s health and much more:

Chronic Pain:
Vitamin and mineral supplementation represent an integral component in the treatment arsenal for chronic pain here at NMR. Along with other modalities that aim to decrease inflammation and the chronic pain response, appropriate supplementation targets root cause factors and supports tissue healing and repair in a variety of ways. The clinical use of supplementation for chronic pain as well as for other health concerns must meet certain standards to be effective. Such standards include therapeutic dose, which is the correct amount needed to generate a desired effect, bioavailability and purity.

Bioavailability represents the ability of the product to be absorbed in the blood, to reach target tissues and therefore to take effect. This is heavily influenced by certain components in the products as well as by the state of our digestive system. The more inflamed our gut, the less amount we will be able to absorb and the lower the desired effect. It is crucial that these factors are assessed by our doctors and certain measures to increase bioavailability are initiated concurrently with supplementation. At NMR we prescribe supplements that have met high standards of purity and have excellent bioavailability as demonstrated by rigorous scientific studies. Most patients are not able to assess these on their own and fall prey to trial-and-error methods and achieve poor results. Such practice not only leads to financial stress but adds on to a list of disappointments that chronic pain generates over time.

Moreover, the prescription of nutraceuticals is guided by specific blood-work which our physicians order to expand their understanding of individual vitamin and mineral deficiencies that could be at the root of your chronic pain. One common example is vitamin D deficiency, responsible for chronic musculoskeletal pain and decreased ability of the body to heal and repair. For other patients, blood chemistry can reveal an endocrine disorder, such as thyroid dysfunction which also drives pain and inflammation.

Drug- supplement interactions are of concern for patient that are taking various medications. These are assessed and discussed with our patients when new supplements are introduced.

Supplementation is always utilized at NMR to augment therapeutic lifestyle changes such as anti-inflammatory diet, exercise, stress management that the patient is already implementing and never as a modality on its own.

Musculoskeletal Health:
Our quality of life and activities of daily living can be jeopardized by a wide range of symptoms that can occur when we have an unhealthy musculoskeletal system. We may experience pain in our muscles, bones, joint, tendons and ligaments, which can cause back pain and other physical disabilities. Learning how to replenish your body with quality low fat proteins, healthy carbohydrates, and fats is essential for good nutrition. People with musculoskeletal issues may need to supplement their diets to gain further nutritional assistance and help with pain, inflammation, and physical limitations. Supplements may be prescribed to protect and preserve tissue elasticity, maintain healthy connective tissue, and preserve your mobility and quality of life.

Digestive Health:
If you experience gas, indigestion, heartburn and/or bloating, your digestive system may need some help. Those feelings of bloating after eating, constipation, or a feeling of fullness after eating only a small amount of food is your body’s warning sign that something is not right with your overall gastrointestinal health. Interventional protocols such as dietary, nutritional and lifestyle changes may be recommended to help improve gut health. Our functional medicine doctor may recommend dietary changes that both eliminates certain offending foods and includes foods, and supplements to help support your overall your gastrointestinal health.

Weight Management:
Weight alone is not a good measure of one’s health, and with all the conflicting information about nutrition out in the marketplace, most people are not eating nearly as healthy as they think they are! To supplement your diet for any nutritional deficiencies, NMR has healthcare providers who specialize in nutrition and offers innovative cutting edge laboratory testing which provides a powerful tool to improve your metabolism, balance your hormones and optimize your body fat to muscle ration to get you on the road to healthy eating and better nutrition. Break your habit of eating foods that are not helping with your weight loss and start learning how to replenish your body with quality low fat proteins, healthy carbohydrates, and fats, as well as supplements when needed.

If you need to kick-start your weight loss program, have hit a plateau and can’t seem to lose those last few pounds regardless of how much you exercise and eat right, or if you just lack the energy to stick with it, our all-natural, fat-burning injections contain a unique combination of essential nutrients, amino acids, antioxidants, and B12 vitamins to help the body turn fat into energy.

Heart Health:
Risk factors contributing to heart disease include high cholesterol, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, smoking and alcohol. Nutrition, an active lifestyle, and tempering stress have a direct influence on cardiovascular disease. Therapeutic lifestyle changes relative to these influences can empower people to take control of their risk factors in order to prevent heart disease.  When supplements are needed to further help obtain better heart health, our functional medicine doctor will use the results from our blood testing to determine the best way to maintain healthy cholesterol levels and affect lipid markers associated with cardiovascular health

Brain Health:
Brain health is critical as it is the most important and complex organ in the body.  If you are experiencing symptoms such as brain fog, fatigue, depression, lower brain endurance for the ability to focus on different mental tasks, such as working on your finances or reading for as long a period of time as you once could, lowered ability to creatively think, or you may experience dizziness, it may be time meet with our functional medicine doctor who is well versed in neurology, brain health, and neuroinflammation.  A consultative interview as well as an examination to look at different aspects of brain function to determine neuroinflammation and the impact it is having on your brain will help determine your treatment plan to improved brain health.  You may have drivers of neuroinflammation such as gastrointestinal dysfunction or inflammation, infections, dietary triggers, environment toxicities or even neuro autoimmunity. Metabolic factors such as insufficient blood sugar control, anemia or hormonal imbalances will also play a role and must be thoroughly evaluated. Our bloodwork results will also be used to help alert us to any vitamin deficiencies which could create an increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Supplements may be recommended as part of your treatment plan to maintain healthy production of neurotransmitters.  These neurotransmitters are involved in a number of functions including short-term memory, concentration, sleep, motor control, hormone control, mood stability, motivation and appetite control.

Bone Health:
Learning the lifestyle choices that promote healthy bones is essential to the prevention of bone density loss.  The physicians at Natural Medicine & Rehabilitation understand that developing osteoporosis goes beyond just calcium intake and estrogen levels. Evaluating hormone and drug therapies, as well as how individuals manage their stress, can all contribute and have an impact on osteoporosis.  A comprehensive evaluation to discover any nutritional factors that may be contributing to bone density loss will also determine if patients will require supplements to help improve their bone health. Supplements and therapeutic lifestyle changes have soundly shown to be important in preventing bone density loss and, in some cases, have even shown to be essential in promoting bone rebuilding.

Liver/Detoxification Health:
Do you have heartburn, fatigue, aches and pains, gas or bloating? These symptoms can be the result of toxic overload in your body, and it may be time to DETOX! The body has its own natural daily cleansing process to eliminate or filter out the toxins through the liver, lungs, kidneys, colon, intestines, and skin. Learning to reduce the amount of toxins the body must eliminate by changing your eating habits and food choices to maintain good health will help limit your intake of toxins. During the course of a detox or cleansing program, the body may not always feel its best, particularly through the first few days.  Being monitored by a healthcare provider who specializes in nutrition is essential to help you through any obstacles you encounter and to ensure your detox process is healthy and safe. The detox or cleanse is just the beginning part of our weight management program which will guide you through the steps to help cleans out and eliminate foods that are toxic or “addictions” to your body.  Break your habit of eating foods that are not helping with your weight loss and start learning how to replenish your body with quality low fat proteins, healthy carbohydrates, and fats, as well as supplements when needed. Our supplements help fuel the natural detoxification pathways and promote healthy liver function and elimination.

Reproductive Health:
Supporting your healthy lifestyle with the right vitamins and minerals can play an important part in optimizing your reproductive system. At Natural Medicine & Rehabilitation we recognize the highly sensitive emotional challenges that come with infertility and failed pregnancies, and the need for more natural answers to such an intricate and delicate issue. Optimal health and fertility are the result of complex interactions of many bodily systems, internal and external factors, not merely our reproductive organs alone. Since so many micronutrients may influence fertility, our team of doctors collaborate to review specific bloodwork results to determine which fertility supplements and micronutrients you might not be getting enough of through your diet. An individualized plan will be devised for both partners to help supplement for any deficiencies to help boost fertility, support sperm count, and motility, and to improve egg quantity, quality, fertilization, and development. Adding supplements to your diet, with the guidance of a medical professional, is a non-invasive way to create a healthy environment for a healthy pregnancy, and may reduce the risk of miscarriage, improved outcomes of fertility treatments, and promotes an overall healthy reproductive system.

Allergy Relief:
Seasonal allergies develop when the immune system overreacts to allergens in the environment. When the immune system overacts, it along with our nervous system releases histamines and other chemicals causing these allergy symptoms. If you are looking for non-pharmacological treatment options to help relieve your allergies without feeling drowsy, dizzy, or having impaired motor function, and dry mouth, adding supplements to your already healthy diet can help. Supplements can help by blocking the chemical reactions creating your allergy symptoms. Our supplements for allergy relief have a powerful combination to support and promote healthy nasal and sinus passageways for those with elevated histamine and respiratory irritation.

Immune Health:
Supplementation is a healthy option to help restore your immune system, but only to compliment a healthy and immune boosting lifestyle. If your immune system is not working at its maximum capacity, you are not giving yourself the best shot of staying healthy and warding off illness.  Optimizing your body’s natural defenses is not only essential for warding off illnesses but also for helping to recover and overcome them more quickly if you should become ill. Supporting healthy lifestyle choices with our all-natural Tri-Immune Boost injections can help your strengthen, boost, and maintain a competent and resilient immune system.

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