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Prone Scapular Depression and Retraction exercise

Prone Scapular Depression and Retraction exercise

Poor posture is a habit that may have begun during your childhood and perpetuated through adulthood due to lifestyle, inactivity and/or repetitive slouching. Inadequate posture will affect your health, is less aesthetically appealing, and creates a persona of being unhealthy, less energized and less confident in general.

Standing tall, gives your internal organs more room in the abdomen allowing the digestive system to function properly. It also allows your respiratory system to work better by enabling your lungs to take deep breathes. Slumping over restricts your breathing, creating less oxygen and therefore less energy. Being able to take deep breathes is also a relaxation technique that helps you temper stress

Here’s how to preform the Prone Scapular Depression and Retraction exercise to help improve your posture:


  • Begin lying on your front with your forehead resting on a towel roll. Your arms should be positioned at your sides with your palms facing down.


  • Bring hands down towards feet to drop shoulders.
  • Gently squeeze your shoulder blades together, then slowly lift your arms so they are parallel to your body. Rotate arms out, bringing your thumbs up. Hold for 5 seconds, then lower your arms back down and repeat.


  • Make sure to keep your neck relaxed and do not shrug your shoulders during the exercise.

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