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A Women’s Monthly Cycle

A Women’s Monthly Cycle

Does this look complex? It is a simplified graph of a woman’s monthly cycle. Our uterus is the only organ that builds tissue from scratch and breaks it down every single month if pregnancy did not occur.It is truly miraculous! This process is choreographed under the influence of a complex and delicate hormonal cascade.

If you were offered contraceptives to fix hormonal deregulation, this was a great disservice to you. Hormonal contraceptives cannot fix your hormones because it TURNS THEM OFF completely robbing  you of the benefits they bring along with each monthly cycle.

Learning how to chart our monthly cycle  can give us a very clear understanding of the quality and quantity of our hormones and can effectively detect underlying health problems. And then, supporting our body’s physiological balance naturally we can restore hormonal balance and treat the root cause of your health concerns.

Learn how to how track and chart your cycle by utilizing specific signs or bio-markers. This way you can gain understanding on how your hormones affect your mood, libido and behavior and how to improve this balance naturally. Enlightenment is a powerful tool!

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