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DAY 3 of the First 100 Days: A journey to health & wellness

DAY 3 of the First 100 Days: A journey to health & wellness

The first 100 days: A journey to health and wellness.
Day #3

I have to be honest, I wore my cranky pants today. This is tough to admit because I am a big believer in the power of positive thinking and I want this experience to be positive and motivating to others. That said, I also believe that I need to be honest with myself and with everyone who reads this.

As I write today’s entry I realize that I need to make the best of this opportunity and practice what I preach because it is too late to re-create my day. *Creating optimism reduces stress-induced inflammation and levels of stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol.*

Here are a few positive things that I noticed today:

I missed but I didn’t crave foods, not permitted during this 7 day detox. I feel good about this because it is a sign that I am gaining control over food and not letting food control me.

Although I am eating primarily fruits, vegetables and protein shakes I am not gassy and I don’t feel bloated. This is a positive for me and those around me

(I do feel better after forcing myself to acknowledge something positive about my day.)

Food cravings were a big challenge for me today. At work there were many people eating chips and cupcakes and potatoes, I was envious. Before starting this detox I got rid of all the unhealthy food in the house so I wouldn’t cave to my cravings. Today I couldn’t remove the temptation, I had to stick to my goal and practice self-control. Success!

Meal preparing is getting easier. During day #1 and day #2 it was tough to remember what foods, how much and when we were supposed to eat but today it has become more of a routine.

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