Prone Scapular Depression and Retraction exercise

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Poor posture is a habit that may have begun during your childhood and perpetuated through adulthood due to lifestyle, inactivity and/or repetitive slouching. Inadequate posture will affect your health, is less aesthetically appealing, and creates a persona of being unhealthy, less energized and less confident in general. Standing tall, gives your internal organs more room […]

Keep up your Exercise Routines over the Holidays

Schedule exercise into your week. Look to see where you’ll have a little window of opportunity to fit in some exercise during the busy holiday season. If you have already invested the time into being physically fit, it won’t take much time to maintain that during the holidays. Exercise has shown physiologically to be one […]

Weighted Squat

The weighted squat has multiple amazing benefits for women including: strengthening upper and lower body builds core strength improves posture creates dynamic flexibility has positive effects on bone mineral density and improves function at any age! Learn this exercise under the supervision of a healthcare professional so that you can enjoy all its benefits!

Brugger Exercise for Breast Surgery patients

Brugger Exercise:  For patients that had breast surgery, this will be a particularly important exercise as it facilitates improved lymphatic flow and decreases anterior shoulder tightness.  It is also an excellent exercise to improve posture and facilitate correct breathing. Step 1: Sit comfortably on a chair, back straight, chest up, head over the shoulders. Step […]

Improvements in Posture

Big Improvements in posture, core stability motor control, and overall health! This patient had severe low back pain for several years that we were able to abolish in a complete and structured rehab program at NMR. The program was based on our patients specific needs and centered on improving her overall health (which includes forging […]

Workplace Wellness Seminar: Are your workouts working?

ARE YOUR WORKOUTS WORKING? Learn how to make the time you spend in the gym count! Lack of energy, injury & pain all limit one’s efforts and results in the gym. Learn how un-tempered stress, poor nutrition and erroneous workout strategies contribute to these problems.  Changes you make in these areas can reduce pain, inflammation […]

Heel Walking helps prevent Shin Splints

Heel Walking helps prevent  Shin Splints and is a total body exercise.    Take shortened steps on your heels with toes continuously raised. Keep you back upright, and your chest and head lifted. Core abdominal muscles should be engaged while walking.  Heel Walking will strengthen shin muscles, calf muscles, low back, glutes and your core. Proper body mechanics is […]

Hamstring Stretch

Hamstring Stretch Reduce the chance of injury by stretching for a few minutes before each workout.  Stretching after your workout will decrease stiffness and soreness in the muscles. Before walking, doing a hamstring stretch is important to lengthen the muscle for full mobility of your spine, hip and knee. Have full extension of the leg […]

Exercise to strengthen core stabilizing mucles

Active Straight Leg Raise with Opposite Hip Extension This exercise is used to strengthen core stabilizing muscles, hip flexors on the active straight leg raise side, and strengthens hip extensors on the opposite side.     Begin lying on your back with arms at your side, legs straight out and held together with toes pointed towards the […]

Postural Relief Exercise, Brueggers exercise

Postural Relief Exercise.  In order to correct an improper posture, repetitive reinforcement is necessary.             Poor Posture                                  Step 1                               […]